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Done Waiting

by worthwaitingfor
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Table of Contents

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Story Notes:

hope you all like :)

Chapter Notes:

Here's the first chapter srry it's short but yu'll find out why 3:)

        June 1st 2011. It's been almost ten months since the death of Doctor Reid Oliver. And it's been 4 years since the first day Luke met Noah in the office of WOAK. Can you imagine? Four years since the first day you met the person you love? That's right, LOVE, not loved or maybe loved or used to love, just L-O-V-E, love. Luke was still grieving but not at what you'd expect. You'd expect him to be still upset over Reid. Well he is, but Luke realised that Reid, even though he said he was in love with Luke, was gone and as sad as it may, Luke just had to let go. But apart of him was still holding on to Reid. A really big part, Luke could never just find the way to competely let Reid go. Luke, honestly, thought he would never let go.


       It was a quiet and cool day for a walk. Luke needed to get out of the house and away from his family, just for a little while. His mom had been nagging him to get out of the house anyway and do something else for awhile other then work on the foundation. Luke was walking down the street when he saw a stray news paper fly by his feet. He picked it up and read the heading:


and underneath the heading he saw:


       Luke couldn't help but cast a small smile at that because it was right, especially to Luke. He would always remember Reid, he promised himself he would never forget the short, but beautiful time they had together.


        Being preoccupied with the news paper Luke didn't hear the footsteps coming up from behind him. "Hey, earth to Luke!" Luke jump at Casey's presents.


       "Oh sorry I was just reading the paper. Did you hear? The new hospital wing is finished." Luke tried to sound happy but Casey could see he wasn't at his best.


       "Yeah I heard. I was the only one to clean it when it was finished." He tried to joke to get Luke to at least crack a small smile, but he just stood there staring at those words 'REID OLIVER WILL ALWAYS BE REMEBERED' Luke could just not bring himself up from those words to look at Casey.


"Come on man let me buy you something to eat, get your mind off some stuff." said Casey.


        "Actually," Luke started, "I was just going to get some coffee from Java and then head home, I have a lot of stuff to do, but thanks away." Luke stared to walk away but Casey lightly grabed his arm before he could get away.


        "Hey, I care about man and if you ever want to talk about anything I'm here, you know that right?" Casey was being sincere.


         "Yeah, thanks Case. I'll see you later." With that Luke threw away the news paper and disappeared in to 'Old towne'.


        Noah was on his way to meet his friends at a new resturant in celeabration for finishing his first film, 'Time stops here'. It's about a young man who has lost both his mother and father, when they die the young man finds out more then he ever wanted to about his parents and their past, but he has the help of his best friend and the love of his life who he must win over if he ever wants to be happy again. During his time in L.A, Noah made only two friends (yeah sad right?), Abby who was an assistant on the movie and her brother, Ryder. They reminded Noah of the 'Z' twins but only because they were twins, and Ryder is always hiting on him but they aren't two weirods trying to kill him and steal Luke's inheritance.




        It had been 10 months (approximately) since he last saw and talked to Luke. He missed him so much all he ever wanted to do ever since he got to L.A was fly back to Oakdale and rap Luke up in a big bear hug and tell him that everything was going to be okay. But Noah knew that Luke need space and time to get better. Noah would do anything that would make Luke get better and be happier even if that met being half way acrossed the country away from Luke, he'd do what ever it takes to make Luke happy.


        Arriving to the resturant, Noah saw Abby and Ryder sitting at an outside table already eating. "What you couldn't wait 5 minutes for me?" Said Noah approching the table.


         "Sorry," Abby started her mouth full of spicy chicken. "You texted saying you were going to be late but you never said how long you were going to be."


        "So we went ahead and ordered," Ryder didn't touch the stake on his plate, he was obviously waiting for Noah unlike Abby. "But I made sure to order for the both of us, they only had one stake left so I guess we'll have to share it." Ryder was staring at Noah with big green eyes trying to get him to sit and share the stake with him.


       Noah looked at Abby for a sign of help "That's okay I'll just get something else." Noah nonchalantly picked up a menu to hide his face from Ryder.


       "Noah," Ryder started he pulled the menu out off Noah's hands in one swift and soft move "It would save a lot of money if we just shared and besides, I know you want to share with me, because that's the kind of person you are," Ryder took hold of Noah's hand. "Kind, generous, sweet, passionate-"


        Noah quickly got up from the table when he felt Ryder's other hand touch his thigh. "Don't ever touch me again, we are not a couple and we will NEVER be a couple, so stop flurting with me and get over it!" With that Noah was walking fast down the street away from the scene he just caused. When ever Ryder touched him, which was a lot, all he wanted to do was punch him in the face and run away, he hated being treated like that like a piece of meat trying to be forced in to the oven. He never wanted anything to happen there, and even though nothing ever did, Ryder had this way of making Noah feel like something DID happen. Noah hated Ryder for that and tonight he pushed him over the edge.


"You see what you do?!" Abby was more angry at Ryder then Noah was


        "Well sorry if he can't take a joke." Ryder tried to sound like nothing was wrong but he knew everything was wrong he knew he pushed Noah but he like pushing him and seeing him get angry. To Ryder, it was really hot.


        "Ryder when are you going to get that you and Noah are NEVER going to happen, you know he is still in love with that guy in Oakdale." Abby wanted to so much punch her brother in the face right then and there but she knew she had to keep her cool unless she wanted to make another scene.


        "Fine I'll go apologize to him and promise never to hit on him or flirt with him ever again, unless he want me to." Ryder then quickly stood from the table and ran after Noah. That way he'd probaby only get hit once tonight, if he was lucky.



Chapter End Notes:

 if u liked it leave a good review and i'll add that next chpter. I hoped u all fancied it :)

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