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gotta say Happy Birthday to Jake Silbermann. ps. I love this site
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June 1-Ten years ago Noah walked into WOAK and Nuke was born. Thank you to Tonya, European Orchid and everyone else who make this site such a perfect place to visit, read some great stories & relax!
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by Bijou
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Table of Contents

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“And what can I get you?” Noah asked seductively as he leaned over the counter in Java to kiss Luke hello.

“Hmm.. that was pretty good. And so was last night.” Luke said grinning as they broke the kiss. “I don’t think there is one person left in Oakdale that hasn’t seen my ring yet”

“You’ve only had it for two days” Noah said amused.

“Yes, two amazing days of being engaged to the most amazing man I know.” Luke said as he pulled Noah in for another kiss.

“Have you told your parents yet?” Noah asked when they broke the kiss.

“Yeah I called them this morning and asked them not to tell the girls yet.. I want to tell them with you.” Luke said blushing slightly, feeling stupid all of a sudden.

Noah just smiled and kissed him again.

“That sounds great to me. I actually wanted to tell my dad over lunch but he didn’t show up. He’s not answering his phone either..” Noah said worried. “I hope he’s alright..”

“Babe, this is Dusty Donovan we’re talking about..” Luke said looking his boyfriend in the eye.

“Meaning?” Noah asked a little angry.

Before Luke could answer Dusty walked into Java, slightly out of breath.

“I’m sorry I missed lunch son. I just got back from Chicago.. things ran a little late.” He explained.

“Will you – both of you- join me for a coffee to make it up to you?” he asked looking from Noah to Luke and back.

Noah glanced at his watch and gave Luke a pleading look.

“Sure” Luke said, his best fake smile plastered on his face and fake joy in his voice.

“Thank you” Noah whispered in his ear as he took Luke’s hand followed Dusty to an empty table.


They sat down and talked about school and work and how the boys liked living together.

“So why did you want to have lunch with your old man today?” Dusty asked with a grin on his face. He had noticed the rings on his son’s and his son’s boyfriend’s hands and was wondering if his assumptions were right.

“Well uh.. I told you I wanted to get Luke something special for Christmas right? And that I didn’t know what.. and you told me to just follow my heart.. well I found the perfect gift.. but I couldn’t wait until Christmas to give it to him. I asked Luke to marry me 2 days ago and he said yes. We’re engaged dad.” Noah said beaming.

“Congratulations guys. I’m really happy for you.” Dusty said, his voice filled with pride.

Then the sound of Luke’s ringtone interrupted the moment. He took his phone out of his pocket and checked the caller ID.

“Mum.. always impeccable timing..” he muttered under his breath and gave Noah an apologetic look as he walked outside to answer.

“So I guess you guys haven’t picked a date yet?” Dusty asked his son.

Noah shook his head.

“No but when we do you will be the first to know.”


“Hi mum.” Luke said answering his phone.

“Hi honey, listen are you and Noah free tonight?” Lily asked.

“Uh yeah sort of.. Why?” Luke asked, getting suspicious. He was looking forward to an evening at home alone with Noah celebrating their engagement but from the tone in his mother’s voice that wasn’t very likely to happen now.

“Well your father decided to get romantic and he is taking me out for dinner tonight and I was hoping you boys wouldn’t mind keeping an eye on Ethan and the girls for a few hours.” Lily said hopeful.

“Mum, I just want to spend some time at home alone with my fiancé tonight. I’ve hardly seen him all week.” Luke protested.

“Luke, he proposed to you! And knowing Noah he didn’t do that while he was on his lunch break.” Holden cut in.

“MUM! You didn’t say you had me on speaker!” Luke said annoyed.

“Does that really matter?” Holden said and sighed.

“I guess not..” Luke muttered under his breath and waved to Casey who just walked into Java.

“Why can’t Faith look after Nat and Ethan for a few hours? She’s old enough to be left in charge..” Luke trailed off hoping his parents would agree with him. He loved his siblings but they definitely didn’t fit into his plans for tonight.

“Luke..” Holden sighed.

“Alright, alright. Can’t you just drop them off at our place then?” Luke asked hopeful.

“After what happened last time? And besides a friend of Faith’s is coming over.” Lily explained.

Luke tried to remember what happened last time he and Noah had looked after the girls and Ethan and then suddenly it hit him. Ethan had somehow found a bottle of lube and had been playing with it when Holden and Lily had come to pick the kids up.

“Mum I swear I still don’t know where he found that. It’s not like we gave it to him..” Luke said and blushed as he thought back to that day.

“I know honey. But you know what little kids are like, they find everything and play with everything they shouldn’t.” Lily said reassuring.

“So can I count on you two for tonight then?”

“Yeah sure”. Luke sighed as he hung up and walked back into Java.


“Hey Luke, you finally got off the phone with your other boyfriend?” Casey joked when he saw Luke walking back over to their table.

“Oh Case I don’t have to call you, you’re right here.” Luke joked back as he sat down on Noah’s lap because Casey had taken his seat.

“Who was that on the phone?” Noah asked while wrapping his arms around Luke.

“My mum.. well both my parents actually.” Luke sighed and rested his forehead against Noah’s.

“I have good news and I have bad news.” He said softly. “What do you want to hear first?”

“Give me the bad news first.. because things can only get better after that.” Noah said grinning and gave Luke a little peck on the lips.

“You really thought this whole thing through, haven’t you mister Ma- uh Donovan. Damn I really have to get used to your new name.” Luke said laughingly. “Anyway, the bad news is that whatever you have planned for us for tonight will have to wait until tomorrow because we have to watch the girls and Ethan tonight. My dad decided to take my mum out for dinner tonight and we’ve been tricked into babysitting.”

“That’s the bad news?” Noah asked laughingly. “What’s the good news then?”

“Hmm.. the good news is.. that I promise to make it up to you when we get home tonight” Luke seductively whispered in Noah’s ear and placed a few kisses on his fiancé’s neck.

“Hey, hey knock it off you two. Save it for the bedroom.” Casey said and held up his hands as if to shield his eyes of the sight of his friends kissing before breaking out in a fit of giggles. “Your future son in law is a bit of an exhibitionist.” He said to Dusty as he got up from the table.

Dusty just laughed and enjoyed seeing his son so happy.

“Guys I have to go pick Ali up from work, try and behave yourselves ok?” Casey said getting up from the table and waving to his friends before walking out the door.

“We should get going too if you want to change before we head over to my parent’s house.” Luke said getting off of Noah’s lap.

“Yeah ok. We’ll see you on Sunday for dinner at our place ok dad?” Noah asked.

Dusty nodded and the boys walked out of the cafe.


“Do you think we should take some DVDs with us to entertain the girls?” Noah asked walking out of his and Luke’s bedroom wearing nothing but his boxers looking for a clean pair of jeans.

Luke looked up from the TV show he was watching and gave himself a minute to enjoy the view.

“Luke? Hello earth to Luke?” Noah said waving a hand in front of his fiancé’s face.

“I think.. you better put some clothes on fast or we’ll never leave the apartment.” Luke said with a devilish grin on his face and walked up to Noah and kissed him while playing with the waistband of his boxers.

“Hmm.. Luke.. not.. now..” Noah mumbled in between kisses and unsuccessfully and unconvincingly tried to move Luke’s hands away from their target.

“Come on Noah.. we can be quick..” Luke whispered in Noah’s ear.

Noah wanted to protest but lost the ability to speak as Luke’s hand reached its desired destination.

A smug look formed on Luke’s face as he pushed his fiancé back into their bedroom.


“Sorry we’re late mum. Something came up; we had to stop by Java on the way over to pick up Casey’s wallet. He forgot it or lost it there and they couldn’t reach him so they called us.” Luke explained with an angelic look on his face when he stepped into his parents house almost 45 minutes later than planned.

“Oh well you’re here now. The girls are upstairs and Ethan is watching TV.” Lily quickly explained.

“And we have to go right away or we will miss our reservation.” Holden said putting an arm around his wife’s waist and guiding her out the door.

“I never knew you were such a good liar.” Noah said softly when the door closed behind them.

“What? I didn’t lie. Something definitely did come up.” Luke answered grinning and kissed Noah’s cheek.

“Hey Ethan you know your big brother is a big liar sometimes.” Noah said laughingly as he sat down next to the little boy on the sofa.

“Noah!” The little boy shouted excitedly and crawled onto Noah’s lap and wrapped his arms tightly around Noah’s neck.

“Ethan don’t strangle my boyfriend, I need him in one piece ok?” Luke said jokingly to his little brother as he walked up the stairs to check on the girls.

“What are you watching? Noah asked when Ethan had loosened his death grip on his neck.

“Sponge bob! It’s so cool.” Ethan said as he turned his attention back to the TV.

“Did you bring cookies?” He asked a few seconds later.

“Yes I did but I don’t think you’ve had your dinner yet. And I’m scared of what your mum will do to me when she finds out I gave you a cookie before dinner.” Noah whispered and looked around as if to make sure Lily wasn’t around.

Ethan laughed.

“My mum is not scary and I won’t tell her ok? Pleeeeaasse??” The boy said and gave Noah his best puppy dog eyes look.

“Did your brother teach you that?” Noah said laughingly and Ethan shook his head.

“Well it’s not working because you are not getting a cookie until after dinner.” Noah said determined and Ethan pouted and went back to watching Sponge Bob.


“Hey girls. Everything alright here?” Luke asked as he walked into his little sister’s bedroom.

“Yeah everything is fine.” Faith answered without looking up from the video game she was playing with a girl of about the same age Luke didn’t know.

“Is Noah here too?” Natalie asked her older brother.

“Yeah he’s downstairs with Ethan. Go say hello.” Luke answered and laughed as his little sister ran down the stairs.

“Well I’m going to check if mum left something in the fridge for dinner. I’ll give you two a shout when dinner is ready.” Luke said and got an absent minded “yeah” as a reply.

His phone rang and he walked out of the room to answer it.

“Casey, finally, Noah and I have been calling you for ages. You left your wallet at Java.” Luke said.

“Oh thank god! You two have it then? I’m close to your apartment, I’ll swing by and pick it up now ok?” Casey said ready to hang up.

“No, no Case wait we’re not at home. We had to watch my sisters and little brother for the night remember? We’re at my parents’ house.” Luke explained.

“Do you have my wallet with you? Because I kind of need it you know..” Casey asked.

“Yeah Noah has it. Just stop by my parents’ house and we’ll get it for you.” Luke told his friend.

“Ok I’m on my way. I’ll be there in half an hour. See you.” Casey said and hung up.

“See you later Case.”

“Is Casey coming over?” Faith asked.

“Were you listening in on my phone call?” Luke asked angry.

“No I just heard you talk.” Faith said defensively. “Is he coming over or not?”

“Yes he is. But only to pick up his wallet and you’re too young for him anyway.” Luke said picking up on his sister’s obvious crush on his best friend and walked down the stairs again, leaving a blushing Faith behind.


“Casey finally called me back. He’s coming over to pick up his wallet in about half an hour.” Luke said as he walked back into the living room where Noah was still watching TV with Ethan and Natalie.

“Ok it’s in the pocket of my jacket” Noah answered, not looking up from the TV.

“Can you help me in the kitchen for a minute, babe?” Luke asked his fiancé. Noah got up from the sofa and followed Luke into the kitchen.

“So what do you need me to do?” Noah asked.

“Kiss me.” Luke said smiling as he wrapped his arms around Noah’s neck while Noah did as he was asked.

“Was that all you needed me to do?” Noah asked grinning when they broke the kiss.

“No.. I wanted to talk to you for a minute. I was thinking of telling the girls after dinner or maybe during dinner. Or maybe we should wait ‘till another time because Faith’s friend is here too.” Luke said nervously.

“Hey, hey calm down. We’ll tell them after dinner ok?” Noah said looking his fiancé in the eye.“Now according to Nat there is “grandma macaroni” in the fridge that we could heat up for dinner and some ice cream for dessert.” He said as he took a large bowl out of the fridge and started scooping macaroni onto plates.


A little while later the boys were busy setting the table when the doorbell rang.

“Can someone get that please? That’s probably Casey.” Luke shouted from the kitchen.

“I’ll get it.” Nat shouted back and ran to the door to open it.

“Hi Casey.” She said sweetly.

“Hey kiddo. Can I come in?” Casey asked the girl.

“Sure.” Natalie said as she stepped aside to let her big brother’s friend in.

“Luke is in the kitchen” she said as she sat back down on the sofa next to her little brother and went back to watching TV.

“Hi guys” Casey said as he walked into the kitchen.

“Hey Case. Your wallet is in my jacket. Can you get it for him babe?” Noah said while trying to figure out how to work the microwave.

“Sure. Hey Nat, can you go get Faith and her friend? Dinner is almost ready. What is that girl’s name anyway?” Luke asked his sister as he walked through the living room.

“Her name is Anna and I don’t like her.” Natalie pouted and went upstairs to get her sister.


“Luke told me to come and get you because dinner is ready.” Natalie said to her sister. “And your crush Casey is here too.” She added teasingly and ran back downstairs when she saw the angry look on her sister’s face.

“I’m going to kill that little brat” Faith said to her friend.

“Who is that Casey guy then?” Anna asked.

“He’s my brother’s best friend and he is hot! Faith answered smiling. “I wish Luke still lived at home because then I would see Casey more often.”

“It’s a shame your brother doesn’t live here anymore. I think he’s cute.” Anna said with a dreamy look on her face.

“Eew! My brother isn’t cute. He is annoying. And I’m kind of glad he moved out. That way I won’t have to see him every single day. Come on we should get downstairs before he starts shouting up the stairs.” Faith said as she got up from her bed and started to make her way downstairs.

The girls walked into the kitchen and both of them were shocked for different reasons. Faith because she saw Casey sitting at the kitchen table playing with Ethan and Anna because she saw Luke giving Noah a small kiss.

“You didn’t tell me your brother is gay!” Anna whispered to Faith as they sat down at the table.

Faith just shrugged her shoulders and kept her gaze fixed on Casey.

“I hope you ladies like macaroni” Noah said smiling at the girls as he placed their plates in front of them.

“It’s Grandma Macaroni Noah. That’s different from normal macaroni.” Natalie corrected Noah.

“Yes Noah, did you not know that.” Luke teased.

“Oh shut up you” Noah said laughingly and kissed his fiancé.

Everyone turned their attention to their food and a few different conversations started.

Faith tried to find out from Casey if he was single and looked very disappointed when he answered he was dating Alison.

“You know it’s strange. I’m dating Ali, Aaron’s ex and Aaron is dating Maddie, my ex.” Casey said more to himself than to anyone else.

“And I’m dating Maddie’s ex.” Luke said as he lovingly fed Noah some macaroni.

“I love you bubby.” He said softly and kissed Noah’s cheek.

“Will you two cut it out already? You’ve been all kissy and cuddly and feeding each other all night.” Faith said annoyed.

“Oh come on Faith, leave those crazy kids alone. They’re in love and they just got engaged.” Casey said sticking up for his friends.

“CASEY!” Luke shouted part shocked, part angry.

“You’re engaged?” Natalie asked Noah.

“Yes we are. I asked Luke to marry me 2 days ago and he said yes. But we wanted to wait till after dinner to tell you.” Noah explained, directing the last part at Casey.

“I’m sorry guys. I thought they knew.” Casey said apologetic.

Luke sighed

It’s alright Case, really.


A few hours later everyone had finished their dinner, Faith and Anna had done the dishes after Casey had promised the girls to drive them to Anna’s house when they decided to have a sleepover there and gotten the green light from both sets of parents and Natalie and Ethan both were in bed.

Luke and Noah were lying on the sofa together watching a film Noah had picked out and Luke was replaying the whole evening in his head and chuckled.

“Want to let me in on the joke?” Noah asked softly.

“I was just thinking back to what Nat said earlier. You know the: it’s a good thing my mum never married Dusty or I would be marrying my brother now.” Luke said and chuckled again.

“Well just so you know I would still marry you even if you were my step brother.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s illegal in some states.” Noah said laughingly.

“Do you think.. we could ever do this?” he continued after a few minutes of silence.

“You know.. the parent thing..”

Luke turned around so he was facing Noah.

“I think that someday we will make great parents. It probably won’t happen in the very near future but definitely someday.” Luke said reassuringly and kissed Noah.

“Someday” Noah agreed softly and let his mind drift off to that someday, wondering what it would be like.

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