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Mother's Day

by md1347
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Table of Contents

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Story Notes:

Special thanks to @nezabudka1 for help with editing the story.


The one day out of the entire year that all mothers should be happy is Mother's day. However, this year, Emma woke up with a sense of sadness. Her house would be nearly empty this year. She looked out the window as she made her coffee in the morning. It looked lovely. The sun was out and the birds were chirping but she still could not help but be a little down.

Lily and Lucinda walked into the kitchen around eleven o'clock. Emma could see that Lily was not her cheerful self when she walked into the kitchen with a large bouquet of flowers. "Where are Holden and the kids?"

Lily looked like she was going to cry. "They are still in Kentucky. The flooding from the recent storm was too bad and they can't find a way around it."

"John's in surgery, so it's just us gals," Lucinda did not seem happy either.

"Happy Mother's day, grandma," Lily usually called Emma by her name but it was a holiday and technically, she was Emma's adopted granddaughter.  

Emma smiled and gave her a big hug.

Lily could tell that Emma was wistful without her family being around for Mother's day. "I know. I feel the same way."


Emma, Lucinda, and Lily had just finished lunch and were chatting at the table, when they heard a car door close.

Lily became a little excited. "Maybe that's Holden and the kids."

Before they were able to get up, they heard the door open. They turned to see Noah standing in the doorway, holding luggage.

"Happy Mother's day," Noah announced as soon as he stepped into the house.

Lily was shocked to see Noah but she stood up, walked to the door, and wrapped her arms around him. "Noah, what are you doing here?"

"We wanted to surprise you," Noah replied as he hugged Lily. "Holden called and said that he was stuck in Kentucky with the kids and nobody would be around." Noah broke his hug with Lily only to find himself in a hug with Emma. "Luke and I talked about it and decided that we should come for a visit." Noah let go of Emma and was embraced by Lucinda. "Let me see what's taking Luke so long." Noah walked out the door.

Lucinda was the first to notice that atop the luggage, that Noah brought in, was a leather bag with a bunch of pockets on the outside. "Darling, what kind of bag is this?" She recognized it as soon as she picked it up and saw baby bottles in the pockets. "Oh my God."

Neither Lily nor Emma could see what she was holding.

"What is it Mother?" Lily began to get worried.

Before Lucinda could answer, everyone turned to see Luke standing in the doorway, cradling a pink blanket gently in his arms.

All three women froze in disbelief to what their eyes were seeing.

Lucinda was the first one to speak. "It's a diaper bag."

"Happy Mother's day," Luke smiled at their reaction. He could hear Noah behind him snickering.

Lily was still speechless as she watched Luke move the blanket until a tiny face of a baby came into view. She looked up at Luke's tear stained face with a look of wonder.

"I'd like to introduce you to your granddaughter, Emma Lu Snyder," tears were flooding down his face as he watched his mother realize what she was seeing was real. "Would you like to hold her?"

"Oh Luke," Lily wiped away her tears, "of course, I want to hold her."

Luke moved the baby in his arms carefully, so not to wake her, and transferred the baby into his mother's arms.

Lily moved the blanket away from little Emma's face, only to see two of the deepest blue eyes she had ever seen on a baby. She continued to move the blanket until it slipped off the baby's head. She was not surprised to find baby Emma had thick black hair. She stared at the baby for a minute and then looked back up into Luke's eyes. "She is so adorable, Luke."

"She is, isn't she," Luke responded to his mother's declaration.

Little Emma began to move around in her arms a little bit and then they all heard a baby crying. Lily looked down at the baby she was holding only to notice she was not crying. Lily could not figure out where the crying was coming from. "Wait, the baby isn't crying."

She looked back up at Luke, only to see him walk away from the door and stand next to Lucinda. Lily moved her head over to see Noah standing in the doorway rocking back and forth a baby in a blue blanket. She could hear Emma and Lucinda gasp for air when they saw Noah.

Noah walked into the kitchen and up to Emma as he tried to calm the cute little bundle in his arms.

Emma reached up and moved the blanket away from the baby's face. She stood there staring at the black haired, blue-eyed baby in front of her. "He's adorable, Noah."

Noah smiled and kissed Emma's forehead. "His name is Harvey Walsh Snyder."

Placing her hand over her heart, Emma was speechless and honored. "You named him after my Harvey?"

"We figured that if we have an Emma, we should have a Harvey to make it a set," Noah smiled as he handed the baby over to her.

Emma took the baby in her arms and little Harvey stopped crying immediately.

"We are moving back to Oakdale," Luke said in with all seriousness.

"Yeah, no kidding," Noah laughed and then started whispering to his young son. "Harvey, this is your great, great . . . ,"

"I think just grandma will do, Noah," Emma said in all seriousness.

The laughter in the room was a seal of approval from all.

Lucinda walked up to Lily and glanced down at the baby in her arms. "She's gorgeous, darling."

Lily looked up at her mother and handed the baby over to her. She grabbed Luke's hand and dragged him over to Noah and she pulled both of them into a hug. "I can't believe it."

"Surprise!" Luke's declaration made Noah chuckle.

"Why didn't you say anything?"

"It wasn't an easy pregnancy. Even from the beginning, there were complications . . . ," Noah's emotions got the better of him.

Luke rubbed Noah's back, as he picked up where Noah left off. "During the first six months, we almost lost them multiple times. After the sixth month, the pregnancy stabilized and was more normal. We figured, since it was already midway through the seventh month, we would just surprise you."

"We knew something was bothering the both of you. We figured you were having relationship issues," Lily's mind raced over the thoughts she had during those months.

"No, we figured that out years ago," Noah dismissed Lily's comments as he sniffed the air. "Is that salisbury steak I smell?" Noah's love for Emma's cooking never wavered.

Emma laughed. She handed Harvey over to Lily. "Yes it is, along with mushroom gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, and biscuits." Emma could see Noah's face light up. "I'll fix you both a plate."


Emma prepared lunch while Luke and Noah went out and got the rest of their things out of the mini-van. When they sat down for lunch, Lucinda peppered them with questions.

"I'm assuming these babies were in vetro?"

Between bites, Noah answered her question. "Yes, we decided that I would go first."

"We are going to use my sperm next time," Luke turned red when he realized he said the word sperm in front of his grandmothers.

"And in two years, it will be Luke's turn to be embarrassed when he gets to . . .  uh . . . donate and give a vial to a female nurse," Noah laughed.

Luke and Noah's discomfort of intimate details of their children's conception did not go unnoticed by the grandmothers.

"Why did you use Noah's first, if I can ask?" Lily was curious.

"Noah doesn't have any of his own family left. His father is dead and his aunt Tammy died last year, so I wanted Noah to go first," Luke smiled at Noah.

"So why did you use Snyder as their last names?"

Luke and Noah held up their hands and on their ring fingers were wedding bands.

"We decided, at the last minute, that we should be married before the babies were born. We were married in front of a judge but we plan to have a wedding for the family," Noah explained. "We wanted all of us to have the same last name."

"Married too?" The babies and now the marriage, it was almost too much for Lily to take.


Luke and Noah finished their lunch when the babies made it loudly known that they were hungry too. They efficiently gathered the bottles, formula, bottle warmer and burping cloths as Lily and Lucinda held the babies. When the formula was ready, Luke and Noah took the babies into the living room to feed them.

Fifteen minutes into feeding, they heard the front door open.

"Lily, Mama, are you here?" Holden yelled out.

Lily got up off the couch, where she was sitting next Luke watching him feed Harvey, and walked out into the kitchen. "Shh. Keep your voice down."

"What's wrong? Is mama okay?" Holden looked worried.

"She's fine."

"Good," he pulled Lily into a hug and gave her a kiss. "The water receded quicker than they expected, so were able to leave Kentucky earlier. The kids are at the house and as soon as they get showered, they will be over."

Lily did not get a chance to say anything because she heard Luke's voice behind her.

"Hi Dad," Luke called out quietly.

Holden looked up in surprise to see his son standing in the doorway burping a baby. "Luke, what are you . . . ," Holden looked back at Lily. ". . . What's going on?"

Luke heard a big burp come out of Harvey. He had to giggle because he heard an even bigger burp out of baby Emma in the living room. Luke moved his son from his shoulder and cradled him into his arms as he walked over to his father. "Dad, I'd like you to meet your grandson, Harvey."

Holden froze in shock for a moment as his brain tried to comprehend what was presented before him.

Noah walked into the kitchen with baby Emma cradled in his arms and moved over next to Luke who was standing in front of Holden.

Emma and Lucinda walked into the kitchen to see Holden's reaction.

"What . . . what . . . what's going on?" Holden stuttered. He pointed at the babies. "Whose are those?"

"They are your grandkids, Dad," Luke smiled at his father.

Holden was speechless, just like Lily was earlier.

"I'd like you to meet Emma Lu and Harvey Walsh Snyder . . . Dad," Noah smiled. He added dad in there to blow the rest of Holden's mind.

In shock, Holden could only gasp as these two little babies were introduced as his grandchildren. Only after the initial shock had worn off did he realize that Noah called him Dad. "Did you call me Dad, Noah?"

"Yeah, Noah and I got married," Luke smiled at his dad's confusion.


Luke and Noah handed Holden both babies to hold while they explained the entire story. By the end, Holden was tearing up as he realized the babies he was holding were indeed his grandkids. Emma and Lily took the babies from his arms. Once the babies were out of his arms, he pulled Luke and Noah into them. He cried for a few minutes and then kissed each one on the cheek. "I'm so happy for you."

The End.

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