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gotta say Happy Birthday to Jake Silbermann. ps. I love this site
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June 1-Ten years ago Noah walked into WOAK and Nuke was born. Thank you to Tonya, European Orchid and everyone else who make this site such a perfect place to visit, read some great stories & relax!
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(k) Home

by Seajellybaby
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Table of Contents

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Chapter Notes:

The story can be read on its own but it follows my LA series which you can access here:

The LA Series

You might want to read these stories first.


One chapter

Okay this is just a little fluff... a bit of a filler so that I can move the series forward a little... 

I hope you enjoy it anyway...

Noah was already tall enough to see over the tops of people’s heads, but it didn’t stop him from eagerly lifting up on his toes and craning his neck to scan the arriving passengers for Luke’s telltale blonde mop.

“Expecting somebody?” A voice like the sun and the sea, like ice-cream and chocolate cake and velvet dreams encased him from the right and it took every last ounce of effort he could muster not to look in its direction.

“Yip. Just some guy...” He replied trying to sound nonchalant.

“A guy hey? You gay or something?”

“Or something…”

“So… Do you like this guy?”

Out of the corner of his eye, Noah watched as Luke rocked slightly on the balls of his feet, his hands in his pockets. So adorable! “Sort of…”

“You seem pretty excited for ‘sort of’…”

“And what’s your story?” Noah interrupted, changing things around.

“Just arrived. I’m expecting to be picked up by somebody…”

“Just somebody”

“He’s pretty damn gorgeous actually!”

“You gay or something?”

“Or something…”

“What ya gonna do if this somebody doesn’t pitch up?”

“Oh he’ll show…”

“What makes you so sure?”

And at that Luke’s warm hands cupped either side of his waist, pulling him around and sliding to his back, causing all kinds of shivers to run through Noah’s core. Luke lifted his head as if to kiss him, but then moved quickly to the side to whisper in his ear, “Because he’s already here!”

And Noah couldn’t hold him tight enough, drawing in his distinctive smell, wallowing in his heat. “FINALLY!” he almost yelled as the tears started to fall, “You’re here! You’re really here!”

“Hey!” Luke smiled through his own tears, “Miss me or something?”

“Or something…” Noah sniffed, drawing back to look at him. “You look great!”

“So do you…”

They spent some time just looking at each other. Luke ran a finger down Noah’s face and leaned in to kiss him softly. When they broke apart Noah said, “Let me take you home…”

“I’d like nothing better…only?”

“Only what?” Noah asked, suddenly confused.

“When we get there are you planning to carry me over the threshold?”

And Noah let out a loud laugh that drew the attention of a couple of passes by, “You really are such a sad romantic, Luke! You know that?”

“Sue me!” Was his reply as he winked and, arm in arm, they left the airport for their new home by the sea.


Luke wanted to see the house. He really did! But he couldn’t seem to pry his lips from Noah’s face and keep his hands from Noah’s body as they stumbled together up the garden path to the front door.

Noah struggled with the keys as Luke nibbled his ear from behind and he dropped them a few times before finally managing to open the door. They fell through it and Noah used his back to close it after them, all the while soaking in Luke’s greedy kisses.

It felt to Luke like Noah’s hands were everywhere at once and he desperately fought with the buttons on Noah’s shirt, trying to get them loose one by one, but finally giving up and tearing the shirt open so that buttons flew all over the room…

“Oops… He-llo!” A girl’s voice pierced their bubble and, still clinging to each other, they both turned their heads at once, just in time to see Maddie bend back upright after ducking to avoid a flying button missile. She gave them a guilty smile and a little wave. “Hi guys…. Um… Surprise?”


Later, the three friends were enjoying dinner together on the decking in the backyard. In celebration of his return to Los Angeles, Luke had decided to christen the new barbeque Noah had installed. Although Maddie had managed to interrupt the christening of their new bedroom, she had more than made up for it by effectively stocking the kitchen with food supplies.

“So,” Maddie piped up, “Now what?”

“Now what… what?” asked Luke.

“What are your plans now that you two are officially living together like an old married couple? What does the future hold for the great twosome that make up Luke and Noah?”

Luke and Noah shared a soft smile.

“Well?” Maddie demanded persistently.

“Ah darling Maddie…” Luke said standing and picking up the dirty plates after quickly placing a kiss on the top of her head, “…some things are private…”

“Come on! I thought I was a member of this little inner circle!” And she drew a couple of circles in the air with her fingers.

“Noah, remind me why you gave her a key to the house?” Luke joked.

Noah laughed at the expression on her face, “I tell you what! As soon as we make any major life changing decisions, you will be the first to know!”

She squealed, “You promise?”

And Noah crossed a finger over his heart making her beam.

As Luke entered the house she said, “It’s so good to see you two so happy!”

“Thanks Maddie.” And then after a while, “So how are things with you and… Bruce was it?”

For the past year Maddie had been living in Montana with a man she had met in college. They seemed to have moved quickly from dating to living together and Noah was intrigued to know more about the relationship, however whenever Maddie showed up in LA, she would skirt the issue. He often wondered what Bruce thought about her disappearing to visit friends all over the States, but he didn’t feel it was his place to ask.

“Yes good… good.” Was all he got out of her and then, “So what are we doing tomorrow?”

“Shopping…” Luke answered the question as he returned from the kitchen. “Noah and I need to buy a bed.” And he gave Noah a naughty wink making him smile.

“But you already have a bed.” Maddie said to Noah.

“Yes but it’s pretty beat up. I bought it second hand when I first arrived and I only want the best for Luke.”

“Awe…” Luke teased and hooked Noah’s leg under the table with his own.

“Well then it’s a good thing I’m here!” Maddie announced. “I’m the queen of shopping!”


Lying sweaty in each other’s arms, still slightly breathless from their love making, Noah laid his head on Luke’s chest and said, “I’m sorry I scared you back in Oakdale.”

“I’m not.”

“What?” And Noah lifted his head up to look at him.

“Noah if that some situation had come up a few years ago we wouldn’t be lying in bed like we are now! We would have walked off in separate directions, so that we could throw separate tantrums in separate corners of Oakdale!”

Noah smiled softly knowing Luke was right.

“In a way, what happened was like, the best thing ever! Because it just proved how solid we really are. I feel so secure in us… in our love! More than I ever have before. When I thought you were about to push me away again, it was just the old insecurities rising up! You know? Old habits! If I had just stopped for a second and thought about it, I would have known right away that we were okay. We’re different, you and I. We’re a different Luke and Noah. When you walked off I should have just left you, because you would have come back. You were just looking for some alone time… and… and that’s okay. I’m okay with that. Because now I know you’re not running from me, you’re just getting all your thoughts in order so that you can talk to me about them later. I get that now.”

Noah nuzzled Luke’s neck and said, “Are you really here?”

“Yes!” Luke responded.

“Are you sure? Let me check…” And he disappeared under the covers to confirm Luke’s presence with his mouth, an action that cause Luke to spasm, raise his hips, and grip the bed sheets with both hands. “Oh god! I'm here! I'm definitely here!”


Luke flopped back on the bed and lay military style, arms flat at his sides. He barley felt the mattress move next to him as Noah joined him on the other side, assuming the same position.

“Why do we do this?” Luke contemplated, staring up at the florescent lights.

“What?” Noah replied.

“Why do we test a bed by lying on it like this?”

“You’ve lost me…”

“Well, I mean, who actually lies in bed like this? This really isn’t how we should test a new bed.”

Noah smiled, “Okay, I’ll bite. How DO you propose people test the bed then?”

“Well,” said Luke, rolling over, “first of all I need to roll over like this…”

“Mmm, hmm…”

“And then I need to lift my leg over yours like this…” and he hooked their legs together.

“Oh, I see... very interesting… this theory of yours... And what happens next?”

Luke’s right hand stroked Noah’s supple cheek, “And then…”

Noah’s eyes closed as Luke leaned in to press a kiss on his waiting lips and they both laughed as they kissed, rolling together on the bed, testing it!

Just then the loud clearing of a throat brought them back to earth with a bump and, looking up, they were confronted with a rather unimpressed sales lady, her hands on her hips, “Sirs! I’m afraid that I will have to ask you to either stop this behaviour or please exit our store. Thank you!”

“Oh, Ma’am!” And Maddie appeared from around a shelf of photo frames, “Apologies, really! They mean no harm. I’ll take care of this.” And she shooed both men off the bed and towards the main exit before saying over your shoulder, “They’re in love you see! They can’t help themselves.” And she shrugged innocently before following the boys out of the store.


Luke wandered into the lounge in search of Noah and found him sitting on a bench by a window. Checking the clock he saw it was only 1am and he shook his head sadly before coming up behind him and wrapping his arms around him. He lay his head on Noah’s back briefly, before bringing it around to rest his chin on Noah’s shoulder and asking, “Nightmare?”

Noah nodded grabbing Luke’s arms and then shifting up so that Luke could join him on the bench.

Luke took Noah’s fingers in his and studied the way their hands fitted together, “I wish there was something I could do…”

“You do something just by being here…”

“Why didn’t you wake me?” Luke asked as he pushed a curl behind Noah’s ear.

“You looked so beautiful! So happy and peaceful… I just wanted you to stay like that.” And he smiled brightly at Luke, “I’m okay now. Really.”

“Good.” Said Luke and he kissed Noah slowly, softly and with intent. Just when they were almost totally wrapped up in it Luke pulled away, gently dragging a little of Noah’s lip with him, “Want to give me a proper tour of the house?”

Noah walked Luke, hand in hand, around the various areas. Talking softly so as not to wake Maddie, he described his visions of breaking down that wall and painting this one. For his own part Luke didn’t care where they lived! He was just happy to be where Noah was and he encased himself in Noah’s enthusiasm for the house.

As they made their way down the passage Noah paused at the first bedroom, slightly smaller than the other two, and leaned up against the door frame.

“And this room? What do you envision in here?” Luke asked.

“Well…” And Noah had the sweetest far away smile on his face.

“Come on… you can say it!” And Luke wrapped his arms around Noah’s waist, swaying slightly.

“Maybe… one day…”

And Luke decided to let him off the hook, knowing exactly what the man was thinking. He took Noah’s hand and they continued their way down the passage.

As they passed the guestroom, Noah noticed that Maddie had fallen asleep while reading. Her nightlight was on and a book lay open on the bed next to her. Patting Luke’s chest, he entered the room and quietly lifted the book from the bed, taking care to insert her bookmark, before closing it and placing it on the table beside her. He leaned in to kiss her forehead and was just about to turn off her light, when he spotted a strange mark on her shoulder blade, just showing under her nightshirt. Gently he used his index finger to push the material back slightly and took in a breath when he realised the mark was the start of a rather nasty looking bruise.

Sensing his reaction Luke whispered, “What is it?” and Noah gestured for him to come in. Luke’s face showed concern as he leaned over to examine the bruise and he looked up at Noah, “What the hell?”

Noah shrugged, “Come, let her sleep. We’ll ask her in the morning.”

“Okay.” Luke kissed Maddie once and, taking Noah’s hand, followed him silently back to bed.


Noah was enjoying the view of Luke, lying nude in bed on his back, fast asleep. Noah followed the lines of muscles in his stomach from the sheet, enticingly hiding his manhood, to the curve of his shoulder blades. Noah lay on his stomach, leaning up on his elbows, and he reached over to run a finger from one of Luke’s nipples down to his bellybutton.

“Perfect.” He whispered.

Running his hand down Luke’s side, Noah felt the familiar jolt of ache when it found the scar from the stab wound his father had so cruelly delivered just a few months before. When he thought of how painful it must have been he always had to hitch his breath. Now, he lay forward and kissed the damaged area before resting his head on the soft skin of Luke’s stomach, holding a hand on each side of his waist.

At that, he felt Luke’s hands in his hair and when he lifted his head Luke was staring down at him, smiling sweetly.

“Morning, love.” Noah said.

“Morning, have you been up for long?”

“Not too long…” and Noah shifted up so that he could give Luke a morning kiss.

“Do you know what today is?” Luke asked.

“No, enlighten me…”

“Today is our first Sunday together in LA…”

Noah smiled.

“Do you remember? Our promise?”

He nodded, “Of course…” And they kissed.


They were sharing a mug of coffee in the kitchen when Maddie shuffled sleepily in. “Morning…” she yawned as she pulled out a stool.

“Morning sleepyhead, would you like some coffee?” Noah asked.

She nodded with a smile.

As Noah poured the coffee Luke caught his eyes and he motioned over to her. Noah gave him a look that expressed his discomfort at the situation and the looks continued between them until finally Maddie said, “Okay! What’s up with you two?”

Noah handed her the coffee mug and Luke said, “Maddie, you’re okay right?”

“What?” She asked confused.

“Well,” Noah joined in, “You would tell us if you were in any kind of trouble, right?”

Maddie looked completely dumbfounded, “What the hell did you guys put in the coffee this morning? Of course I’m fine!”

“Okay, okay!” Noah said, holding up his hands. Then he leaned forward over the counter so that he was eye level with her, “But Maddie… You know we are here for you if you need us don’t you?”

“Yes my boys, I know! And I love you both very much too! But I’m absolutely fine, okay? Right now I’m just looking forward to spending an amazing Sunday with you…”

And they laughed at her confidence grabbing hold of each other before announcing together, “Same here.”


Thanks so much for reading. Please remember to rate and comment!

Chapter End Notes:

Thanks so much for reading. Please remember to rate and comment!

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