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New Year's Eve by Bijou PG
Luke finds the letter Noah wrote him on New Year's Eve 2008 and plans a surprise.
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New Year's Eve by Bijou PG
Luke finds the letter Noah wrote him on New Year's Eve 2008 and plans a surprise.

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Experimentation by Chelsea Frew NC-17
Noah pays Luke a visit. Touching and more ensues.

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08/15/17 11:22 pm
Luke and Noah's first kiss happened on this day 10 years ago! I know lots of fans got hooked on the story because of that episode so happy anniversary, fandom!
08/15/17 11:12 pm
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07/25/17 04:18 am
Been a while and I come in to find all these lovely layouts... and 10 year! Thanks for all the hard work.
07/14/17 11:56 am
The mail system is fully switched now. So my email & all site emails are working!
07/13/17 03:25 pm
Hi guys, I'm making some changes to how email on this site works. While things are switching over, my email and this site's auto emails may not work. It should take a few hours max.
European Orchid
07/05/17 01:52 am
New spam account is locked and reviews will be removed. Happy tenth aniversary Nukies! This site AND TONYA rocks and I love you guys to bits!
06/15/17 09:45 pm
Ten years...wow! Very cool Tonya - thank you. I look forward to exploring the new layouts!!
06/14/17 05:34 pm
I hope you all like the new layouts! :)
06/06/17 10:39 am
Congrats to Tala Ashe (Amerra) on joining the cast of Legends of Tomorrow!
06/05/17 04:10 pm
Thanks for those reminders @scj0710 and @abohannon35! I can't believe its been 10 years!
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by DancingElf88
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Table of Contents

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Chapter Notes:

This is an A/U about the boys in high school. Hope you enjoy and comment


Noah tried to stay in his truck as long as he possibly could as he stared at the building that would be his new school for the next 9 months: Oakdale High School. Once again he was going to be the new guy, this time for his senior year. The one all the kids stared at for about a week, whispered about, teased. Ugh…Noah thought as he banged his head on the steering wheel, first day of school always sucks. Noah stayed in that position and wallowed for a bit longer before he decided to suck it up and head on inside. Surprisingly, he found the principal’s office rather easily.

“Hello,” Noah walked up to a middle-aged woman typing something on the computer, “I’m uh, Noah Mayer, and I’m new here.”

“Hi. Here first things first, you’ll need to fill this out,” she handed him an Emergency Contacts Sheet, “You can do that over there while I look for your file.” She pointed to an empty desk and chair in the corner of the office. Noah filled out the form quickly, he only had one contact: his father.

“Thank you,” she took the paper from him and immediately gave him back about four, “ok, let’s see here: class schedule, locker number and combination, school map, and book list. Take that to the bookstore and they’ll give you everything you need. Good luck, hun.” She rattled off quickly and returned to her computer.

Noah looked over his schedule and it didn’t look very complicated. Next, he decided that he would try to find his locker. He took out the map and began studying it and walking at the same time when he bumped hard into someone. He looked up, actually down, to see an African-American girl on the floor.

“Omigod! I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” Noah apologized profusely as he held out a hand to help the young girl up.

“No worries. I said I’m fine dude, it’s ok” she smiled as she accepted his offered hand. Noah continued to apologize, “I’m OKAY…see?” All of the sudden she did a quick tap dance to prove her point. Noah couldn’t help it, he laughed.

“Yay…he smiles,” she said as she brushed a few braids behind her ear and adjusted her glasses, “new?”

“Very. I’m Noah.” He shook her hand.

“Sully. It’s short for Marsela,” before Noah could ask she answered, “and no, I have no idea why they just don’t call me Marcie or something. Anywho, need help navigating this place?”

“If you don’t mind.” Noah was relieved.

“First thing: locker number,” he looked at the paper and repeated the numbers listed, “nice location. It’s actually right across from mine. Follow me dear. What’s your schedule like?” She said all this as she led him gracefully down the hallway.

Noah handed her his schedule and tried to keep up when she suddenly stopped.

“Hey , how about that? We have practically the same schedule. Except I have AP Government when you have ooh Advanced Calculus? And I have History during your English period. You also get to enjoy the wonders of P.E class,” she continued to walk

“You don’t?” Noah asked.

“No, sir. I’m on the Dance Team here at school and that’s when we practice. So I’m exempt.” She stated and finally halted for real this time, “and ta-da here is your locker. Conveniently a few paces from the boys’ bathroom and in the center of everything so there’s no long walks to classes.”

“Thanks,” Noah said to his new friend and tried to open his locker to no avail.

“Here, let me” after entering the combination, she administered a swift bang and jimmied the handle before the locker popped open, “yeah our lockers are a little bummy, there’s a special technique you must learn in order to master them.” Noah liked her.

“Thanks again. Where is the bookstore?” He asked.

“This way. So where are you from,” she asked leading him down a flight of stairs.

“Everywhere,” he explained when she gave him a confused look, “I’m an army brat. So I’ve been all around, but most recently Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri.”

“Cool, so you got to travel a lot? See different places?” She genuinely seemed interested.

“Yea, I guess. But I always wished I could have roots, you know?” He didn’t really think she knew, it was just an expression.

“No, I got you. I know what you mean. My mom was a dancer and I used to travel with her. I only moved here like 2 years ago myself.” She explained as they rounded the corner and arrived at the bookstore.

“Really? That’s cool,” Noah answered as he entered the store. He handed the clerk the paper the receptionist had given him and received his books in about 5 minutes and walked back upstairs with Sully and into homeroom.

Noah’s first couple of classes happened pretty much the way he expected. He had to stand up and introduce himself and be subjected to the whispering and analysis that comes with being the new kid. Luckily for him though, he had Sully who really was in almost every single one of his classes. He had only met her that morning, but already he could tell that they would become fast friends. She was easy going and laid back with a sarcastic sense of humor.

“Ok, grasshopper. I must now leave you to face the world alone,” Sully stated in a very serious tone

“I don’t know if I’m ready sensei,” Noah joked back

“You must be. Because AP Gov’t is that way for me and the Class of Doom, oops I mean Calc is that way for you,” Sully stated while pointing in opposite directions. The two had fallen into an easy rapport, “what room number is it?”

“Uh… 315” Noah answered

“Oh, ok. Just keep walking straight down this hallway until you get to the water fountain. Turn right and it’s the 1,2, 3rd door on your right,” Sully instructed, “then after that you can find someone to help you get to English and meet me at your locker so we can go to lunch. Ooh I have to go. Later!” Sully yelled and power walked down the hallway.

Noah followed her instructions and found the classroom easily. Just as he was opening the door, someone pushed roughly against his shoulder. Noah turned around and was met with a set of hostile, blue eyes.


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