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No Ordinary Love

by MissAaliyah, Kellie29
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Table of Contents

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Story Notes:

This is a joint story written with Kellie29, we deliberated over the story for several days and finally came up with this concept, I hope that you enjoy our fiction.

Alternative Summary:
They say that love conquers all, well if that’s true, then why does fate destroy two people’s lives just to bring another two people together.

Chapter Notes:

This is Luke's story.

Luke’s Story

Who knew that the best day of my life, could also be the worst day of my life, Reid and I were celebrating our one year wedding anniversary, he had woken up this morning, and presented me with a beautiful platinum eternity band, I know it’s a little feminine but it was beautiful, I promptly slipped it onto my ring finger. 

“I love you Reid.”

“I love you too honey” Reid replied, smiling as he got up to get ready for work.

My family was not happy that I married Reid so early in our relationship.  We met when I was eighteen and working with the foundation that I set up with the money my biological dad Damian had sent me, The Luke Snyder Foundation was putting some money into Oakdale Memorial’s new pediatrics wing, and Dr. Reid Oliver was there, he was very dashing, but was a bit of an egotist actually.

Our relationship was a bit of a whirlwind and before I knew it six months went by and he proposed, and we married about three months later. We’d waited till then to have sex, though it wasn’t like our first time either, but we decided that our relationship was different, and we wanted it to be so.  Sex was okay with Reid, I have to confess that it has never been earth shattering for me.

About four months after we married, Reid asked me whether I had thought about having kids, he said since that he was getting older; he wanted to be fairly young when he had them.  I had agreed that I would love to have kids with him, and we had decided it was me that would get pregnant.  Mainly because I am younger and healthier than he is. 

After months of trying I just wasn’t getting pregnant, I had tests done and the Doctors said it shouldn’t be a problem, and that it would happen, when my body was ready, we waited another few months before we both got tested again, this time Reid’s sperm count was tested, and that was what turned out to be the problem and the reason behind me not getting pregnant.

Reid was infertile, it was a huge thing for him, like it emasculated him for some reason, though I reassured him, that I loved him and that it meant nothing to me, he was visibly shaken by this, for weeks he moped around, until finally I suggested that if we really wanted to have children, why do we not try one of the fertility clinics, and select from their database a suitable sperm donor, of course it would all be done under the strictest of confidence, the donor and the clients would never know the details.

After a week of delegation and support, we decided on the most suitable donor.  We went through the process of I.V.F. not something we thought we would have to do, but it was the way it had to be.  It worked after the first try, something that the specialists were even baffled by; they had taken one of my eggs, and it was if the sperm needed no encouragement at all.

We were both ecstatic when we heard the news, I could not believe it, and Reid was happy too.  He was finally coming to terms with his infertility, and his mood was light and happy, he was jabbering on about all their plans for the future.  I liked his ideas.  I nice suburban house with a white picket fence, couple of dogs Mitzi & Fifi, and our beautiful son or daughter.  Life couldn’t get any better for us.

I only suffered mild morning sickness which soon passed, and everything with my pregnancy was going fine, I was healthy, my kidney was healthy, the baby was growing well, and we would find out the sex soon.  At four months you would not have known I was pregnant, unless I lifted my shirt to bare everyone my expanding stomach, though it looked more like bloating rather than being pregnant.

So this morning I woke up, it was our first year anniversary, Reid gave me a beautiful platinum eternity ring, with diamonds that went right round the band, we kissed, and he got up to get ready for work.  I got up form bed, washed my face in the bathroom, combed my hair and went to get breakfast ready for my husband.

It was like every other morning for us, routine, I was loving our lifestyle, Reid and I were looking at properties, we had sold our flat, that we lived in since we got married, we got a good deal on it, we easily had $1,000 000 to spend on our dream home.  He had left me in charge of finding it.

But all that went out the window, I got a phone call, it was a nurse from Oakdale Memorial, Reid had been in a car accident and required surgery, could I come down to the hospital as soon as I could.  I packed some things for Reid, grabbed my keys, and left the flat.  I approached my new Mercedes Benz S-Class saloon, a wedding gift from Reid, and slid behind the wheel.

I can’t remember how I got to the hospital, only that I got there, and that I was ushered into the waiting area, there were other people there, crying, and consoling each other.  A lone man sat there, tears streaming down his eyes, I felt really sorry for him.  I wanted to speak to him, but then I was interrupted by a nurse. 

“Mr. Luke Oliver”

“Yes that’s me.”

“Your husband is awake and asking for you.”

No one in the room batted an eyelash, but the man who was crying looked up, for a split second, not sure if he heard right.




Luke entered Reid’s private room, he was connected up to every machine under the sun, it scared Luke, he looked so bad, his first thought was to run, and fast.



“Oh Reid, what happened.” Luke flew to his side, tears streaming down his beautiful face.

“Eight car pile-up on the interstate.” Reid mumbled, obviously in pain.

“Oh God!” Luke exclaimed, trying to stop his tears.

“Luke, I love you.”

“I love you too Reid.”

Reid reached out and rubbed Luke’s belly.  He also had tears in his eyes, as he thought about everything.

“I might not make it to see my child born.”

“Oh Reid, don’t say that, of course you will.”

“No,” Reid coughed, “the doctors, said it’s not good.”

“What do they know?” Luke asked, trying to stay calm.

“I need to say this Luke, let me say this.” Reid begged him

Luke nodded, “Ok.”

“If, no, I think it’s pretty much a given that I won’t make it, the doctors said so, I want you to know something, you’ve made me the happiest man in the world.  Having you love me, the way you do, it’s fulfilled my life.”

Tears sprang into Luke’s eyes, “No, Reid you are mistaken, you’ve fulfilled my life, how can I move on from this, from you?

“You must, for you and our baby.”

“I want a second opinion.”

“I’ve already had a third, several of my internal organs have been severely damaged.”

“No, Reid.” Luke begged, not wanting to hear it all.

“Luke, I want you to find love again, I know there is someone out there, who will love you just as much and maybe more than me, someone you will love, and grow old with, someone who will care for this child and give you more.”

“I can’t.” Luke said, the tears returning to his eyes.

“Yes you can, do it for me.”

 “I am not strong enough.”

“You are,” he smiled his last smile, “but know this Luke, I love you, I love you for loving me, I was never worthy of it, thank you.”

“Yes you were.” Luke smiled back; he bent down and kissed Reid.

Reid closed his eyes, the heart monitor went crazy, all manner of machines were bleeping, as nurses rushed in, ushering Luke out of the room, they worked on trying their very best to revive him.


“Mr Oliver.”

Luke turned to look at the doctor standing before him.


“I’m sorry, we tried everything to revive him, but your husband didn’t make it.”

Luke let out a strangled cry and before he knew what was happening, he started to feel dizzy, and fainted into the arms of the crying man from the family room.

Chapter End Notes:

Kellie and I would love it if you could tell us what you think and rate and review. 

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