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I hope you all like the new layouts! :)
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Thanks for those reminders @scj0710 and @abohannon35! I can't believe its been 10 years!
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gotta say Happy Birthday to Jake Silbermann. ps. I love this site
05/31/17 09:44 pm
June 1-Ten years ago Noah walked into WOAK and Nuke was born. Thank you to Tonya, European Orchid and everyone else who make this site such a perfect place to visit, read some great stories & relax!
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Happily Ever After

by lulubells2021
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Table of Contents

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" You son of *****" a man said as he throw Luke to the ground.
" Jonathan, Please stop your hurting me!"
Jonathan grabbed Luke by the hair and pulled him up
" Oh that hurts?!" just than Jonathan slapped the Luke across the face.
" Did that hurt? How about this?" He grabbed Luke by the neck and pushed him on the ground.Then climbed on top of him and pined him to the ground
" Jona............than plea.....se I can't breathe" Luke said while gasping for air
All of a sudden Jonathan started kissing Luke
" oh Luke baby I love you do much"
Luke tried to push him away " Stop get off me"
Jonathan ignored Luke and started sucking on his neck
" Oh god i love it when you fight me" Jonathan moved hand to Luke's pants and started undoing them.
Suddenly Matthew their 4 year old son started crying and calling for Luke
"Jonathan please let me go Matthew is crying I have to go check on him"
" Shut up" He ripped Luke shirt and pants off
Matthew's cries began louder" DADDY?!!!" , at this point Jonathan was getting mad
" Would you going shut him up!"
Jonathan let Luke go, Luke quickly get up grabbed his PJ pants and went to Matthew's room
Luke walked into the room " Hey Buddy what's wrong?"
" I haded a bad dream" he said while rubbing his eyes
" Its okay Daddy's here"
" Come on let's get you cleared up"
Luke walked out of the little boy's room into the master bathroom and started clean clearing his son's face
Luke looked at him self in the minor seeing the marks all across, he started to cry.
" Daddy you okay?"
" Yeah sweetie I'm fine, All done" Luke pick Matt and put him back in bed.
He walks out of the room
"Hey how are my two men?
" He's fine" Luke replied
"Luke , baby you know I love you and that I'm sorry....... come here,"
Jonathan pulled him in for a kiss Luke moaned He had miss that kiss. Ever since Jonathan had gotten the new job at Oak-dale P.D. and with Matthew they hadn't had a lot of time together.
"why don't we head to bed?
Luke shock his head"I'll be in minute"
"I'll be in the bedroom"a minute later Luke walked into the bedroom where Jonathan was.
Jonathan walked up behind him and start
" You know I'm not feeling really good how about we do this tomorrow
"Come on" Jonathan said as Luke climbed into bed next to him. " Jon please I'm really tried "
" Good thing I'll be doing all the work"
Jon pulled Luke's P.J. pants and boxers the he took Luke's boxers off and slipped his c*ck up Luke's ass, Luke gasp in pain "Jon! please stop..."
Jonathan " you know your loving it" he hissed.
Luke knew there was nothing he could doing anything about it so he did nothing after a 20 minute Jonathan was done he laid next to Luke
"Oh Luke I love you so much" Jon breathed out as he drifted into a deep sleep.Luke just laid trying to fight back his tears, after a couple of minutes they had fallen asleep.

The next morning Luke got up earlier and got dress He looked at himself in the minor and saw the black eye on his face. "****," He thought to himself " What am I going to do I can't go see Mom And Dad Like this" Matthew start crying "LUKE!" Luke finished getting dress and walk out to the living room were Jonathan was
" God damn LUKE!!" Jonathan scream from the couch
"Your Damn kid is crying shut him up".
"As you wish" Luke said while rolling his eyes
" What do you just say to me"
Luke stop suddenly and took a deep breathe " You heard me" Jonathan got up from couch and walk over to Luke turned him around then grabbed him by the neck" Don't you EVER EVER Talk to me like that AGAIN! You Got ME!"
Luke grabbed his hands trying to make him let go him " I ........... Can't......"
Jonathan slaps Luke across the face " Answer Me!"
" Yes" Luke finally manage to get out.
"Dad, Daddy?" Jon looked to his left to see his son
Jonathan let him go
" **** Now I'm late for work ****" Quickly Jon got dressed and left for work." Daddy.......?"
" Sweetie go get ready we're going to Grandma's and Grandpa's"
" Okay" With tears rolling down Luke's face he looked at himself in the minor seeing the Jon's hand on his neck " What I'm I doing I'm putting Matthew life in danger and myself" just then Luke's phone it was Holden his dad
Luke wiped away the tears and answered the phone
" Hello?"
"Hey Luke you okay?
"....Mm mm Yeah fine hey look I have so shopping to do is it okay if i drop off Matthew there? "
"Yeah I'll see when you get here"
Luke went to Matthew's room and got the baby and left
20 minutes later Luke was at the farm he got out of the car went to the backseat were Matthew was and got him out and headed toward the farm. Luke knocked on the door
" Knock Knock" Luke said
Holden was sitting at the table
" Grandpa!"The 4 year old yelled out running over to give his grandfather a hug " Matt!" Holden said repeating Matthew's tone, then returning a hug back, Holden looks up at his
" Oh My God Luke what the hell happen to you" Holden asked looking at the marks on his face.
" It's nothing....." just then Luke's phone rang" I have to take this"
Luke walked out of the room
"Hey did you see what happen to your daddy?" Holden asked his grandson
"Dad does bad thing to him"
"What?" Holden asked in shock
" Daddy always say stop and that it hurts him"
"Hello?" Luke said answering the phone
"Listen I want to say sorry" The man said
"Jonathan?" Luke questioned unsure who of who he was talking to.
"Yeah sweetie I'm so sorry "
" Jon this isn't the time to be talking can we talk about it when you get home?"
" No I called you so we are going to talk now!" Jonathan demanded
" I didn't mean to make you upset, it's just I'm on my way to the store to pick you some food"Luke lied
" You went shopping yesterday"
" I know but I want to make you a special dinner"
" Fine we'll talk when I get home"
"I love...."Luke began saying
The line goes dead
"You" the whispered when he realizing Jonathan had hung up
Luke slowly made his way back into the kitchen, lost in his thoughts only to be pulled out of it by his father
" Luke, I want you to tell me what's really going on the truth. Please."
" Hey Matt, can you go in the family room while I talk to Grandpa?"
" Okay"Matthew said leaves the room
" Dad it's nothing Jon and I had a small fight"
" Luke, if nothing is wrong and it was just a fight then why is Matt saying that Jonathan does bad thing to you"
" wait why are you going to my 4 year old son and asking him question"
" Luke, did he do this to you?"
" DAD It was just a FIGHT!" Luke nearly scream " You and Mom had them all the time when I was growing up"
" Yeah, but the only different is I never laid a hand on your Mother... "
" Matt honey," Luke called out finally " Come on we're going"
" Luke... come on ... I'm just worried about you"
Matthew walked back into the room" I want to stay here with Grandpa"
" Matthew, Daddy doesn't have all day I have a lot of thing to do before Dad gets home so we got to go"
" No! I want to stay!" Matthew ran back into the family room
" Matthew Ray Thomas If you don't get your butt out to the car you are going to be in big trouble!"
" Luke just leave him" Holden said.
Luke Finally walked into the family room and pick Matthew up from the ground and headed to his car Holden followed them.Luke put Matthew then got in himself
" Look Dad, I love you I really do it just...."
" Luke I know he is hurting you, you need to get out of there before some thing happens to Matthew"
" Bye Dad" Luke said fighting back tear then drove out of the drive way
End of Chapter 1

Chapter End Notes:

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