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"You have blue eyes"

by MissOptimistic
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Table of Contents

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Story Notes:

This is different from what I have usually written, but I hope you'll like it.

As soon as the words had escaped 16-year-old Luke Snyder’s mouth he regretted them. Because now he knew there was no going back. He couldn’t claim that it was some sort of bad joke. The truth had been spoken. Everything was out in the open. His feelings were not hidden in his heart anymore, they were being progressed.

“Please, say something” he breathed.

17-year-old Noah Mayer was completely taken back. When his best friend had suggested that they should meet at his place for movies and maybe a video game or two; he had never in his wildest dreams imagined that something like this would’ve happened. He opened his mouth to speak, but no words came out. He wanted to say something, oh how he wanted to say just something- anything. But yet he couldn’t.

So both boys sat there in silence, it wasn’t an uncomfortable silence, more like a calm agreement; that when Noah was ready to speak he would, and Luke would wait for him.

“I..I..” Noah stammered.

“It’s okay” Luke said, not knowing what else to say.

“I..I think I..you too.” Noah had always had difficulties with expression his feelings- especially when they were feelings toward another guy.

Luke’s eyes widened. He knew there was a huge risk that it was just wishful thinking. He knew that Noah could mean something completely different. But right now he didn’t care, because that huge risk simply didn’t matter. This was his chance of experiencing happiness.

He swallowed. His throat felt very dry all of a sudden. He had to ask. “You mean..you too..have feelings?” he realised that his words probably wouldn’t make much sense to someone else, but this wasn’t ‘someone else’ this was Noah- his best friend for almost five months. The same Noah that had walked into his classroom one day in January with his head down. Luke had never seen anyone who had found the floor so fascinating. While all the other guys in the class had made fun of him since day one Luke had seen something else in Noah- something all the other guys didn’t notice.

“You have blue eyes” Luke blurted out.

Noah leaned forward and pressed his lips against Luke’s in what was to be their first of many kisses.

Sure, their first kiss hadn’t exactly been Hollywood material, but for them it was more than perfect, beyond perfect.

Noah’s lips had been stiff and uncertain on what to do, and when he wanted to deepen the kiss to show Luke that this is what he truly wanted; he had simply shoved his tongue down Luke’s throat.

Luke felt his gag reflex kick in and his mouth being filled with Noah’s saliva, but he had never felt so happy.


From that moment they always found reasons to kiss each other. When one of them got an A on a paper the other one would congratulate him with a kiss. When Noah’s team won a game Luke was always, always the first one to congratulate him with a kiss. Sometimes their kisses led to making out, something Noah, thankfully, had gotten better at.

One of the things Luke loved was that he never actually had to ask for a kiss, he just had to look at Noah and instantly their lips had found each other.

After a while Luke found himself wanting more. Noah admitted that he felt the same way.

Their first time had been awkward. Luke had blushed when Noah undressed him. The room had been semi-dark just so that Luke would feel comfortable. Pain came right after awkward. Luke had screamed out in pain. Noah had panicked, and Luke ended up having to soothe his boyfriend all while being in pain himself. They got through the awkwardness and the painfulness and managed to create a loving and romantic memory, and they both knew that they would be able to create many more together.

When Luke had proposed he had done it one late night when Noah came home from work. Luke had cooked- or undercooked? Because that’s what the noodles were that he served that night really were- undercooked. Noah had put on a brave face though and eaten most of it. Luke had begun to sob uncontrollably and criticized himself heavily, claiming he was ‘incompetent’ and ‘useless piece of a boyfriend’. Noah had whispered terms of endearment into his ear and that had calmed him down. After that Luke just blurted it out “I wanna marry you Noah.”

Noah hadn’t answered right away, he just sat there- smiling. Finally he had said the word ‘yes’, something that made Luke threw himself all over his gorgeous fiancé.

On their wedding day Noah had been incredibly nervous. His knees were shaking and his palms were sweating. They had ended up having sex in the closet- pretty ironic choice of place they had said- to calm Noah down. After that Noah had been more than capable of going through the ceremony. When the minister told them that he was sure of that they were going to have a happy life together they were both sure that everyone there had heard them.

Billy- that was his name. Their first child and their only son. He had only been five months old when he had been entrusted to Luke and Noah’s care. Noah had practically walked around on eggshells the first time; fearing that he would hurt or break little Billy. Thankfully no such thing happened. Noah really was a great father, and Luke couldn’t be more proud of his husband.

When Billy was two they were fully trained and ready to have another child. Sweet little Molly joined their family.

Noah had begged Luke to name their daughter something else than ‘Molly’, because Molly and Billy just screamed weirdness and ‘come and tease us’. Luke had only laughed at his husband for that. “Noah, we’re not gonna change the name just because some dumb people might have a problem with the similarities of our children’s names” he had said. Noah had smiled and with a sigh agreed.


“I know I am a boy..and you’re also..a boy” 16-year-old Luke stammered. “But I have had these feelings for a while now, and they’re not going away” his breath hitched in his throat, but he had his mind set on continuing anyway. “When I look at you I imagine what it would be like if you had your arm around me, touched me, kissed me and telling me that you feel the same way as I do. You’re in my head all the time, and I want you to be there Noah. I always want you there with me” he breathed. “And Noah, I think these feelings have a word. I..love you Noah, and I am so in love with you.”

Chapter End Notes:

Thanks for reading.

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