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gotta say Happy Birthday to Jake Silbermann. ps. I love this site
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June 1-Ten years ago Noah walked into WOAK and Nuke was born. Thank you to Tonya, European Orchid and everyone else who make this site such a perfect place to visit, read some great stories & relax!
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A Century & Then Some

by Amesstar
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Table of Contents

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Chapter Notes:

I hope you enjoy my little burst of creativity I had one day. A* XxX

An old woman walked the path of the graveyard. It was just gone noon and the birds were making good use of the gentle breeze. Olivia had come to see her father’s grave. She held onto the fresh white lilies in her hand, feeling their soft petals tickle her fingers. She stopped at her Dad’s grave.

‘Markus John Hadley
A Much Loved Family Member
Taken From Us in Battle
Our Brave Soldier.

Olivia placed two lilies on top of his stone, brushing off some of the moss that covered it.
“68 years on Dad…and I can still remember your last words to me before you got on that plane to Afghanistan. Take good care of your mother.” Olivia looked to the grave next to her father’s, “No need now Dad. You can look after her. She‘s finally back with you Dad.” Olivia placed the last lilies on her mother’s grave. She adjusted her glasses, before turning, making her way to sit on a near by bench.
An elderly gentleman sat on one end of the bench, holding a card in his hand.
“Excuse me; you don’t mind me sitting here do you?” Olivia asked the man.
He turned to look at her, a smile beaming across his face, “Not at all.”
Olivia smiled, before easing herself down onto the wooden bench.

The man decided to make conversation.
“So, do you come here often?”
“I try and come here every week, but with my feet, it’s hard walking up here.”
The old man laughed, “I know what you mean. I have terrible arthritis in my legs,” He motioned to his wooden stick, “Hence the cane.”
“Did you come here all on your own?”
“No. Someone brought me here.”
“Did they leave you here?”
“No, I just wanted to sit and think by myself for a while.”
“Oh…I’m sorry, I’d better go then-”
“No, No,” A weary hand touched her arm, “You can stay. It’s nice to have someone to talk to.”

Olivia sat back down, noticing the wedding ring on the elder’s finger.
“How long have you been married?”
“Huh? Oh this…well legally…seventy two years.”
“Seventy two years! Oh gosh, that sure is a long time. What do you mean by ‘legally’?”
“Oh…I’m gay. I met him…what…nearly eighty years ago.”
“Eighty years…If you don’t mind me asking…how old are you?”
“100 tomorrow.”
Olivia sat stunned. The man laughed, “I usually get that reaction.”

Both went back into silence, the sound of the trees captivating their ears.
“…My Dad was only 38 when he died…” Olivia pulled her coat tighter round her shoulders.
“How did he die, if you don‘t mind me asking?”
“He came back from serving in Iraqi the year before I was born. He and my mother already had two children. I was the youngest. My Dad left the army when my eldest brother got cancer, and my parents had to care for my brother full time.”
“Did your brother survive the cancer?”
Olivia nodded, “He spent four years fighting it. He lives in California now with his wife. They have four children and ten grandchildren.” Olivia smiled at the gentlemen, her grin growing bigger when she saw the older man returning the expression.
“So, did your Dad get asked to go back to the army?”
She nodded, her eyes watching a bird perched on a high branch of a great fur tree. “He died serving in Afghanistan. I can’t remember where, but I remember hearing my mother and my father’s friend talking, speaking about a road side bomb, the same old story of another man killed serving for his country.”
“It must have been very hard for you. How old were you when he died?”
“Five. My brother had just been told he was 100% cancer free.”

The old man sighed, fiddling with the card, and a bunch of flowers at his side.
“I don’t get upset anymore talking about my father. He did an honorable thing for our country. Just a shame that the fighting carried on for so long, until an agreement was made.”
“I remember that day.”
“So do I. So do I.” Olivia glanced at the tulips, “They sure are pretty.”
The aged man took the flowers and smelled them, “They were his favorites.”
“You don’t know what you’ve got until you’ve lost it hey?”
“Oh yeah! There are so many people that I miss. When you‘re young, you have this weird fantasy that life may go on forever.” The chap sighed, “But as soon as you see that first gray hair in the mirror, you know that you’re time on this planet is coming to an end.”
“Life goes by so quickly. It feels like yesterday I was at high school, trying to remember the combination to my locker.”
The man laughed, “Back then, I thought I was really cool, even though I was a bit of a nerd.”
Olivia giggled.
“What? What’s so funny?” The elder smiled.
Olivia shook her head, “It’s been such a long time since I heard the word ‘nerd’. Kids nowadays rarely use it.”
“Well, that’s youths for ya.”

“Do you miss them?”
“Your family?” Olivia asked.
He nodded, “Very much so. I am the oldest left of my family. My older brother passed away about twenty years ago after a heart attack. So that leaves me.”
“Do you have any children?”
“My husband and I have two sons and a daughter. My sister was our surrogate.”
“And have you got grandchildren?”
“Yes. 6 and 25 great-grandchildren.”
“My, you really do have a big family.”
“Oh but your not counting all my cousins, second cousins, my nieces and nephews have had children. My younger brother had quadruplet sons with his wife.”
“Christmas must be one big party.”
“It sure is.”

“What about you? Any kids?”
Olivia nodded, “A son. I don’t have any great-grandchildren, but I do have a granddaughter. Our Christmases probably aren’t as big as yours are, but they sure are fun.” Olivia laughed, “I met my husband outside the Michael Jackson Memorial concert.”
“Hardcore Jacko fans?”
“Oh yeah! At our wedding, our first dance was to ‘You Are Not Alone.’”
The older man smiled, “Ours was ‘True Colors’ by Cyndi Lauper. We met her once.”
“Did you?”
“Yeah, she helped me and my husband get back together. If it wasn’t for her…I probably would have never got back with him…” The man trailed off.
Both sat quiet for a few minutes.

“He had cancer.” The elder fought back tears, “It was a brain tumor. God I was so scared. He was only forty-eight. This couldn’t be happening to him…to us… He got through it, with barely enough energy to hug me when we got the all clear. Then, when he was seventy-nine, he had a heart attack. I thought that was it. I’ve lost him…we had both lived our lives. Miraculously, the cocky fool got through it, telling me when I saw him in the hospital, ‘You didn’t think you were going to get rid of me that easily.’ He had another heart attack ten years later…it was worse then the first…they told me that he would be bed bound for the rest of his life…well what little he had left…but knowing Noah…he always defied the odds. He’s one hundred years old, one hundred and one this year. Him and I have traveled the globe together, and have been together for so long, I don’t think nothing could ever part us. People have tried…and they have failed. They’ve split us up physically, but mentally, we were always together.”
“So…who are the flowers for?”
“They are for my father.” The man stood up, taking his cane and turned around. “Look at the plaque.”
Olivia looked at the gold writing on the bench,

‘Holden Snyder
Generations Will Miss You;
Generations Will Carry On Your Love.’

“He lived to be a hundred years old.”
Olivia looked at the man’s face, noticing the tear forming in his eye.
“Your worried that because you’re his son…you’ll pass away the same time he did.”
“Dad wasn’t kidding when he said that the air around Snyder Farm held the elixir of life.”
Olivia stuck her hand out to the elderly man, “Olivia Evans, formally Olivia Hadley.”
The man shook her hand, “Luke Snyder-Mayer. It used to be just Snyder, until I met Noah.”
“It was a pleasure talking to you Luke. Maybe we might meet here sometime soon.”
“I hope so Olivia but I can’t help feeling mine and Noah’s time here is fading.”
“Well what ever happens Mr. Snyder-Mayer, I’m glad I got to talk to a true gentleman.”
“You’re too kind Mrs. Evans. You look after yourself.”
“You too.” Olivia smiled, slowly leaving the old man stood at the bench.

Luke placed the flowers on the bench.
“See you later Dad. I’ll see you real soon.”
A man walked nearer to Luke, he looked just about 70 years old.
“Come on Dad. Everyone at the home has been looking for you.”
“I went for a walk Andrew, I’m allowed that aren’t I?”
Luke steadily walked down the path, his cane at his side.
“How did you get here Dad?”
“I took the bus.”
“The bus stops right at the end of the road…Dad, you should have at least told me.”
“Andy son, I’m fine.”
“You’re nearly a hundred, you’re escaping from the retirement home... anyone would think your some rebel pensioner, who was a punk back in the day.”
“Maybe I was.”
“Come on Dad. You and Pa used to tell us when we were kids that you were a geek.”
“Before the geek, I was cool.” Luke smiled, reaching his son’s car.

Luke was silent on the ride home. His son informed him that his grandson, Luke’s great-grandson, was having a son of his own. Luke was going to be a great-great grandfather.
Andrew knew why his father was so upset.
“I’ll pick you and Pa up on Sunday. James is going to tell the whole family then. Love you Dad.” Andy kissed his father’s cheek.
“I love you too son. See you Sunday.”
Luke made his way up the path to the big double doors.
“Luke, how are you love?”
“Doing very good Laura, how about you?”
“Not too bad, can’t complain.”
“Well in this place, who can?” Luke made his next-door neighbor laugh.

“Afternoon girls.” Luke waved at the huddle of woman in armchairs, watching TV.
“Hey Snyder.”
Luke smiled, “What is it Racal?”
“I’m hoping you are joining us for Bingo later.”
“I’ll be there.”
“Bring ya fella along too.”
“Oh, he’s coming whether he likes it or not.” Luke laughed, before getting to the elevator and pressing for the second floor.
Luke put the key in the door.
“Baby? You home?”
“In here.”
Luke followed the deep gravely voice of his other half into the kitchen.

“Candle lit dinner for two?”
Luke put his cane on the side, and embraced Noah.
“I heard you done a runner.” Noah felt Luke laugh against his chest.
“I went to see my Dad. I met a lovely lady there. Olivia.” Luke looked back at the table. “Did you do all this yourself?”
Noah shook his head.
“I couldn’t…I tried but…” Luke could see how Noah was getting frustrated.
“Now Noah, remember what Dr. Thomas said.” Luke put his hand’s either side of Noah’s aged face.
“Asking for help is not a bad thing.”
“That’s right.” Luke gave him a sweet peck on the lips, “Now why don’t we tuck into this.”
“Sounds like a plan.” Both sat down to enjoy their meal.


They walked up from the main hall, arm in arm, laughing together.
“If Racal calls me a loser one more time Luke, I swear, I’m going to confiscate her knitting needles.”
“Oh, your being over dramatic Noah.” The old couple entered their home.
Noah hung his coat on the stand, noticing the framed wedding picture on the wall. The color had faded, but Luke’s gorgeous face was still visible.
“I’ll never look that young again.”
“Married at 21. One of the most happiest days of my life.”
“What about when we got married again, after they changed the laws?”
“That’s also in the top twenty happiest days of my life.”
Luke chuckled, placing his hands on Noah’s shoulders.
“I’m sorry Luke.”
Luke dipped an eyebrow, “Sorry?…What for?”
“Me…” Noah kissed Luke’s forehead and shuffled into the lounge.

Luke sat down next to him, placing a hand on Noah’s thigh.
“We have lived an eternity together, why would you suddenly apologize for being yourself.”
“No…I’m not apologizing for the years we’ve been together… Luke, I love you…so much...but, you know and I know…I’ll never be the same man you married…In a few years, months, I can’t remember what the Doctor said, I’ll become nothing more than a bumbling fool.”
Luke took Noah’s hands and held them to his face, “This disease will not take you away from me.”
“Baby, I already have trouble remembering things and simple tasks like how to turn on a stove. I just hope that you’ll forgive me when you have to change me, clean me or feed me, like a baby.”
Noah heaved himself of the couch and went towards the bedroom.

“Noah?” Noah stopped, but didn’t turn round, “When Dr. Thomas took me aside, after you had had all those tests and scans and told me… he told me that you had Parkinson’s disease…I couldn’t just leave you or forget about you. I am your husband, I will love you, no matter what.” Luke started to cry.
Noah turned and walked as fast as he could back to the couch, taking Luke and holding him.
“I love you Noah. I love you. So much honey.” Luke wailed, clinging onto Noah’s body.
“Hey hey ssh. I love you too.” Noah knew he was crying, but he tried his best to hide it.
“I don’t want to leave you.”
“You won’t. Luke, I’ll be gone before you.”
Luke backed out of their embrace, “Noah…I can feel it Noah…I can see the dark…Noah I…I don’t want to go into the dark.” Tears fell down both of their mature faces.
Noah took Luke’s hand and placed it on his chest, “Can you feel my heart Luke?”
Luke nodded.
“Can you feel it beating?”
Once again, Luke nodded.
“As soon as you leave me…this stops…you won’t go into the dark Luke. Not without me. You taught me to stay strong, strong for the both of us. Look at what we‘ve been through…You helping me to come out of the closet, my father shooting you, the times where we broke up, and made mistakes that cost us weeks, months of our relationship…both marriages…when Andrew was born…and he was so small, and I was so scared…you cried to sleep on my shoulder when the Docs told us he wouldn’t make it…your mother and Faith never gave up hope. Then Jordan was born. His first word was Dada.” Noah closed his eyes, “I can see your eyes…the way they sparkled when he sat on your lap and said that word. And your smile…how can I forget…”
Noah opened his eyes. Luke was staring back at him.
“Bobbie was born and she was so beautiful. She looked exactly like you. Of course now she’s all grown up, she mostly resembles me.”
Luke chuckled, “What, stubborn and moody?”
Noah pretended to act offended.
“Luke, I thought you loved me…”
“I do. I do love you. I love it when your stubborn or having a sulk in our bedroom. It means I have to use every trick in the Luke Snyder book to get you out of your sulking faze and back into the ‘I love Luke’ world.”
“I always love Luke. Even when he locked me out for two days, do you remember?”
“Oh yeah! September 2009. We decided to stay in the apartment, after my Dad was found alive. Then you told me about…you know.”
“Yeah, but you know that he came onto me not the other way round right, because I’m proud to say that even till this day, I have never loved anyone so much, as I love you.”
Luke gave Noah sweet delicate kisses, Noah holding Luke close.
“Parkinson disease hasn’t got rid of you yet.”
“And you’re not leaving this earth without me.”
The clock stroked midnight. 14th May 2090. Noah revealed a card from a draw, handing it to Luke.
“Happy 100th Luke.”


An old man walked the path of the graveyard. He stopped at a gravestone.

‘Here Rests Noah & Luke Snyder-Mayer.
Together in life, never to part.
Sons, Fathers, Grandfathers.
Eternal Love.
16th May 1990 - 18th May 2100
20th October 1989 - 19th May 2100’

“Rest in peace Dada.” Jordan laid some flowers down, “I’ll miss ya Pa.” Jordan walked back to his car.

‘Thanks, does this match?
Will your Dad even notice? Most guys don’t.
My Dad will definitely notice. He’ll notice that my shoes aren’t shined.
Maybe I should have gotten you a clip-on. Hey don’t, don’t strangle yourself.
Right now, I wouldn’t mind if I did.
I can do it?… Let me know if it’s too tight.
….What’s wrong?…

Chapter End Notes:

Please Review XD I love to hear your comments.

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