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Courtside Surprise

by Bijou
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Table of Contents

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“Fuck!” Noah swore and pretended to throw his computer across the room.

“Everything ok?” Casey asked, amused.

“I was almost in and my browser crashed and now I’m number 245 in line.” Noah sighed and glanced at the clock. “And my lunch break is almost over.”

“Are you trying to buy something?” Casey asked. “I can take over when you go back to your coffee. I’m not doing anything today.”

“You just told me you’re taking online business classes.”

“Yes. Online. So there’s no reason why I should do it now and I can’t help you out. And I’m only taking them to please my mother and Jade anyway.” Casey said and turned Noah’s computer so he was facing the screen.

“NBA tickets? I didn’t know you liked basketball.”

“I don’t. Not really.. But Luke does.”

“Shit is his birthday coming up?”

“His birthday was in May. We had a party. You were there. You passed out in our bathroom.”

Casey chuckled.

“Right, right, that was a fun party. So why are you buying him basketball tickets? Is it your anniversary or something?”

Noah shook his head.

“No I just want to surprise him with tickets to see his favourite team play.”

“And that’s it?”

“Well.. No.. not exactly.. You know how they let people try to score at halftime? Get on the floor and try to score from the middle or something?” Noah asked and Casey nodded. “Well I wanted to set that up for Luke.. with a
little something extra.”

“More than that? And how would you make sure they pick Luke at halftime? Don’t they just randomly pick a few people?”

Noah nodded.

“Yeah but I was hoping I could.. help fate a little. Maybe call the stadium.. see if I can set something up when I tell them my plan.”

“What plan?”

Noah took his computer back from Casey and hit a few keys before turning it back to him.

“Do you think Luke will like this?”

“What? Dude, a ring?”

“Yeah.. I want to propose to him on the floor in the stadium.”


“Yes, marriage. What else?” Noah said laughingly. “I have it all planned out in my head, I just need a little luck.. and tickets to this damn game.”

“Well I can help with that. Jade’s friend Amanda is this computer hacking genius, she taught me a few tricks. What kind of seats do you want? The cheapest ones?”

“No, floor seats. Courtside.”

“Are you insane? Those are VIP seats. THE PRESIDENT sits there. And they cost a fortune.”

“I know. Just get me the best tickets you can get ok?”

“Dude those tickets cost $1000 each easy.”

“I know. That’s why I applied for a credit card.” Noah said and took the card out of his wallet. “I’m only using it for these tickets and the ring. No online shopping with my card, ok?”

“Don’t worry, your card is safe with me. But are you sure you want the expensive seats? I’m sure Luke would be just as happy with a cheaper seat somewhere higher up.”

“Maybe. But I won’t be. Just get the courtside seats ok? I don’t work two jobs for nothing.”

“Alright. Your wish is my command.”

“Thanks man.” Noah said and clapped Casey on the back. “I have to get back to work now. Just give me a shout if you need any more info. Oh and.. get them sent to your place.. I don’t want Luke finding them by accident
when he opens the mail.”


A few days later

“Ok thanks Case.” Noah said and hung up. He’d just met up for a lunch date with Luke, who'd thankfully just gotten up to order their food when his phone rang.

“Who was that?” Luke asked as he sat down in their booth again a few minutes later.

“Who was what?”

“On the phone just now.”

“Oh uhm.. nothing. Just Casey. He uhm borrowed something from me the other day. Flash drive. He asked if we were home so he could drop it off. I said we’d stop by his place on the way home to pick it up.”

“Do you really need it that badly? It’s just a flash drive right? We could pick it up some other time.” Luke suggested. “This is the first time in ages we both have the entire afternoon off. I don’t want to spend it driving around
Oakdale looking for Casey.”

“There’s a lot of work stuff on there that I need..”

“Noah it’s Friday, you have the entire weekend.”

“Tuesday. I’m not back in the studio until Tuesday.”

“Even better. Let’s just enjoy our afternoon of complete freedom.” Luke said, covering Noah’s hand with his own.

“Alright. You’re right. I’ll go call Casey and tell him I’ll come get it tomorrow or Sunday.” Noah said and got up and walked outside to make the call.

“Casey, hey it’s me. Change of plan. Luke wants to go home right away.”

“What do you want me to do with the tickets then?”

“I uhm.. I’ll distract him. We’re going home and then I’ll distract him and you can sneak in with the spare key and leave the tickets on my laptop. I’ll leave it on the counter.. but leave them on the keys and close it or he’ll see

“Ok. I can do that. No problem.. but uhm.. what kind of distraction are we talking about?”

“Just don’t go into the bedroom.”


A few hours later

“Oh my god Noah it’s after six.” Luke said after checking the time on his phone. “We’ve been in bed all afternoon.”

“So? We’re allowed to enjoy ourselves aren’t we? We didn’t have any plans.” Noah replied and kissed Luke’s bare shoulder. “You wanted to enjoy our free afternoon.”

Luke smiled.

“And we did. A lot. But I can’t remember the last time I spent half the day in bed.”

“What about when we moved in?”

“We never made it to bed that day.” Luke said and kissed Noah before moving to get out of bed.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Noah asked, wrapping his arms around Luke’s waist to keep him in place.

“Bathroom. And I need a shower. I’m all sticky.”

“What if I like you sticky?”

“Then you’re out of luck.”

“Spoil sport.” Noah said and pretended to pout. “I’ll just go make us something to eat, I’m starving.”

“Ok but no ice cream. I’m not letting you make me sticky again and have my mother ask me why I smell like Rocky Road for the next week.”

Noah laughed.

“I can never eat ice cream in front of your parents again.”

“Serves you damn right.” Luke said laughingly. “Now let me go so I can shower and wait for you to finish heating up last night’s pizza.”

“Hey I was actually going to cook for you, you know.” Noah told Luke. “And I had the pizza for breakfast.” He said as he got out of bed and walked into the kitchen.

Noah smiled when he saw an envelope sticking out of his closed laptop.

Couldn’t get the courtside seats, they’re VIP only. This is the next best thing. And by the way, the noises I heard coming from your bedroom scarred me for life. I’ll send you my therapist bill. - Case

“Close your eyes.” Noah said as he walked back into the bedroom carrying a tray a little while later.

“What? Why?”

“Because I have a surprise for you. Close your eyes.”

“What kind of surprise?” Luke asked as he closed his eyes.

“You’ll see.” Noah said as he put the tray down on Luke’s lap. “Hold out your hands.”

“Noah.. what is going on?”

“Nothing bad. It’s a nice surprise, I promise.”

“Uhuh.. If you say so.”

Noah smiled and put the envelope with the tickets on Luke’s outstretched hands.

“You can look now.”

“What’s this?” Luke asked, turning the envelope over in his hands.

“Open it and find out.”

“You didn’t do anything crazy did you?” Luke asked, tearing open the paper.

“Define crazy..”

“What? NOAH! Basketball tickets?! You hate basketball! Why did you buy basketball tickets?!”

“You like it. I wanted to surprise you. The game is around Christmas, consider it an early Christmas present.”

“But.. Noah these tickets cost a fortune.. I don’t want you to spend that much money on me..”

Noah shrugged.

“I want to. I wanted to give you something special.”

Luke smiled and kissed him.

“Thank you. This is definitely special.. these seats are amazing.” He said and kissed Noah again. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Noah replied. “And for the record, I don’t hate basketball.”

“You either fall asleep halfway through or end up working on something on your computer.”

“Ok, ok, that’s true.. But I promise I’ll stay awake and won’t bring my computer with me to the game. Deal?”

Luke laughed.



Game day

“You know you look pretty hot in my dad’s team jersey. Maybe you should ‘lose’ it.” Luke suggested as he and Noah walked around the stadium looking for their seats.

“I don’t think your dad will ever forgive me if I do.”

“Good point. Maybe I’ll buy you one of your own from the merchandise stand after the game.”

“Yeah we’ll see about that. Look, here are our seats.” Noah said and gently pushed Luke down the row of chairs.

“These are amazing seats. I still can’t believe you got these. I know how much they cost.”

“Will you stop talking about the tickets and just enjoy your night? And maybe explain the rules to me again?” Noah said and both men laughed.

“I’ve only ever been to a game once. With my dad, when I was 10 years old or something.” Luke said a few minutes later. “We were all the way up there in the second ring. I had binoculars and my face painted in the team

“Now that I’d like to see. Please tell me there are pictures.” Noah teased.

“Knowing my mum, there are probably about 3 albums worth.”

“Good. That’ll give us something to talk about next time we go over for dinner.”

The game started and Noah was glad his boyfriend was too busy yelling at the players and the referee to notice him checking his phone every 10 seconds.

“I hate this halftime show thing.” Luke complained when 3 fans from the opposing team were picked to try and score from the 3 point line at halftime. “They always pick people who will never, ever score.”

“So you’re saying you could score from there?” Noah asked.

Luke shrugged.

“Probably. I did it a few times when I played in high school. But they’ll never pick me.”

“You don’t know that.”

“They’d rather pick a girl who purposely misses. Do straight guys find that attractive?” Luke asked, looking at his boyfriend.

“You’re asking me? What do I know about what straight guys find attractive in women?”

“You dated a woman once.”

“So did you.”

“That was my cousin! And it wasn’t real.”

“And me dating Maddie was?” Noah asked laughingly.

“Of course not.” Luke said as the stadium searchlight stopped on the empty chair next to him.

“An empty chair can’t score, let’s move it to the right.” One of the commentators said as the light moved to Luke. “Alright buddy, it’s your lucky day, come on down!”

“So much for them not picking you.” Noah said teasingly and Luke nodded, too shell shocked to speak.

“Girls, I think he’s shy, why don’t you go get him.” The commentator said and two cheerleaders ran up the stands towards Luke.

“Do me a favour; keep breathing.” Noah said before giving Luke a quick kiss and letting the girls drag him onto the court.

“Hi there, what’s your name?” A guy dressed in a team jersey with the word STAFF on the back asked Luke as he slung an arm around his shoulders and held a microphone in front of his face.

“I’m Luke..”

“Hi Luke, I’m Brad, are you a big fan?”

Luke nodded.

“Yeah, all my life. My dad is a huge fan too, he kind of passed it onto me.”

“That’s great man. Is your dad with you today?”

“Ah no, he’s at home. I’m with my boyfriend actually. He got us tickets as an early Christmas present. Even though he’s not really a fan. Or a sports fan in general.” Luke replied, not sure it was a very smart move telling the
entire stadium he’s gay.

The smile on the other guy’s face never faltered. He either genuinely didn’t care or was a very good actor.

“Sounds like a pretty great boyfriend. What’s his name?”

“Noah. And yeah, he’s pretty amazing.”

“I think we should bring this amazing guy down here. Noah, come on down. Girls, go get him.” Brad said and 2 cheerleaders ran up to Noah and walked him to the court. No-one noticed how one of the girls slipped him a
little velvet box.

“Hey Noah, how are you enjoying the game so far?” Brad asked after Noah had taken his place on his other side.

“It’s great, I really hope they win or else Luke will be miserable all night.”

“Well Luke, why don’t you show everyone how it’s done. Do you think you can do it from the three point line?”

“I think so. I haven’t really played since high school but I’ll give it a try.”

“That’s the spirit! We’ll do best out of 3 between you and your boyfriend, alright? You go first. Someone get this man a ball!”

Luke took the ball from the cheerleader and got into place. He focused and tried to forget the thousands of people watching him and made the shot. Too low. The ball hit the bottom of the net.

“Ah too bad buddy. But it’s best out of three remember? You’re still in the game. Noah, your turn.”

Noah took the shot and missed by a mile. Luke suspected him missing on purpose.

“Alright Luke, you think you can do better than that?”

“HE can do better than that.” Luke said and took the ball from his boyfriend and made the shot. This time the ball bounced off the backboard.

“Ooh so close. Your turn again Noah. Show him what you got.”

“Oh he knows all about that.” Noah joked and made the shot. The ball got a lot closer to the net this time but still missed.

“Hey, you’re improving. Ready for your last shot Luke?”

Luke nodded and got in position. He bounced the ball up and down a few times and made the shot, cheering when it flew through the net perfectly.

“Well done! That’s three points for you man. Think you can do better than that Noah?” Brad asked as he passed Noah the ball.

Noah shook his head.

“No, no I don’t think so. Actually I’m pretty sure I can’t. But hopefully I can score in some other way now. Could you please hold this for me?” Noah asked one of the cheerleaders as he handed her the ball.

“Noah what are you doing? Just give it a try.” Luke said, confused.

Noah smiled and took Luke’s hand before getting down on one knee.

“I think I’ll leave the sports part to people that can actually play, I have other things planned.” He said and took a deep breath before continuing his speech. “Dear Luke, I know it took me a long time to admit it and even
longer to say out loud, but I love you. I love you more than life itself. You bring out the best in me. You taught me it’s ok to be me and what it’s like to be part of a family, to belong somewhere. I’ve loved you from the day I met you. You smiled at me, I melted.. and it scared the hell out of me and I pushed you away. But you never gave up on me, and every day I’m still so thankful that you’re such a stubborn you-know-what. Thank you. I love you.”

I love you too. Luke mouthed.

Noah smiled and took the little red velvet box from his pocket and opened it to reveal a simple, yet stylish, engagement ring.

“Luke Snyder, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

Luke swallowed a few times to get rid of the lump in his throat.

“Noah.. please stand up.”

“You haven’t answered my question..”

“I know.. but I need you to get up.”

Noah nervously glanced around and suddenly regretted the grand gesture. He let go of Luke’s hand and slowly stood up, thinking Luke was trying to let him down gently in front of the entire stadium.

As soon as he stood upright Luke threw his arms around his neck and kissed him.

“Wait, wait, is that a yes?” Noah asked when Luke let him come up for air.

“Yes it’s a yes, you goof! I can’t believe you planned all this. I love you. I want nothing more than to marry you.” Luke said and let Noah slide the ring on his finger.

“Congratulations guys!” Brad said, patting them both on the back. “Now we hope you don’t mind but we upgraded your seats a little. You’ll be watching the rest of the game from the courtside VIP seats!”

Everyone cheered as two cheerleaders brought them to their new seats.

“You’ll find a goodie bag under your seats with some signed team merchandise.” Brad said as they sat down. “And don’t forget to invite us to the wedding.”

“You’re ALL invited!” Noah said happily.

The second half of the game was about to start and the players walked back onto the court. Luke thought his heart was going to give out for a second time that day when one of his favourite players walked over to them.

“Congratulations guys.” He said and shook hands with both of them. “We watched the whole thing on the screen in the locker room. We hope you’ll be happy together. Send us a photo after the wedding.”

“Thanks.. we’ll do that..” Luke stammered and watched the other man walk back to his teammates.

During the rest of the game players from both teams gave them a thumbs up or a friendly nod.

“They’re talking about us.” Luke told Noah. “They won’t stop talking about us. Oh my god we were on TV.. they’ll never stop talking about us.”

Noah laughed and kissed his fiancÚ.

“I’ve always wanted to know what it’s like to be famous.”
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