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I hope you all like the new layouts! :)
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Congrats to Tala Ashe (Amerra) on joining the cast of Legends of Tomorrow!
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Thanks for those reminders @scj0710 and @abohannon35! I can't believe its been 10 years!
06/01/17 06:42 am
gotta say Happy Birthday to Jake Silbermann. ps. I love this site
05/31/17 09:44 pm
June 1-Ten years ago Noah walked into WOAK and Nuke was born. Thank you to Tonya, European Orchid and everyone else who make this site such a perfect place to visit, read some great stories & relax!
05/28/17 09:57 pm
Thank you to the two recent donors! Thanks to you two and the 2 earlier donors, the site is now paid for thru the next several months! Thanks so much, everyone!
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European Orchid
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by SarahSezLove
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Table of Contents

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Story Notes:
Written for the nuke-anon#16 six word challenge:
'Even though distant, I feel you'
The unrelenting dry heat of a typical LA day permeated every molecule of the small apartment, sucking out the moisture and leaving behind arid air that caught in the back of your throat as it attempted to choke you. The decrepit air-conditioner had given up, taking its last wheezing breath more than a week ago. It now lay like a dead cow, its bleached bones a silent testament to its once useful existence.

Noah Mayer missed that air-conditioner like a drug addict missed a fix. He’d grown used to its temperamental hum, especially at night when he lay under his single sheet and concentrated on that sound, using it as a form of self-hypnosis. Without it, his overactive mind just wouldn’t stop bombarding him with images he didn’t want to think about. Every day – every goddamned day – took him further from the past he hadn’t wanted to leave behind and into a future he no longer wanted. At least, during the day, he was able to pretend things were okay - he was okay – and work single-mindedly on his movie project, perfectly aware he was using it to shield against the memories and emotions threatening to overwhelm him. That’s what he was here for, after all; the only thing he was here for. That damned movie. Everything else important to him was far away. But never forgotten.


The sheet tangled in his legs once again as Noah struggled to find a comfortable position to sleep in. He sighed loudly in helpless frustration. Between the sweltering heat – how much longer before the landlord fixed the aircon, for Christ’s sake? - and the thoughts of Luke swirling through his head, Noah knew he was in for another sleepless night. He kicked off the sheet, lying now in just his briefs, and yearned for a cool Oakdale fall. Nothing had been more beautiful than walking through the park with Luke, surrounded by the stunning reds and golds of the leaves falling round them like confetti, their fingers entwined as they walked and talked. He could see Luke now, smiling and laughing, kicking up leaves like a little boy, both of them just enjoying being together.

In the darkness, Noah smiled to himself without even realising it, his body relaxing in relief. Thank God. Tonight was going to be one of the good Luke memory nights; one where all the Lukes in his head were those that loved and wanted Noah. Only him. He sank deeper into his pillow, concentrating on memory Luke and the myriad pictures that tumbled like a kaleidoscope behind his closed eyes.

Luke smiling, laughing, his eyes sparkling with shared mirth…

Luke watching him closely, his head tilted as he listened intently, fully focused on what Noah had to say…

Luke writing, his tongue peeking out between those gorgeous lips, his brow furrowed in concentration, ink staining his fingers…

Luke pouting in mock indignation, the remains of a snowball sliding down his cheek, snowflakes clinging to his hair and eyelashes…

Luke blowing froth from his coffee, lips sprinkled in oatmeal cookie crumbs, tongue darting out to catch every single one…

Luke, his pupils blown wide with want, his lips kiss swollen…

Luke looking up at Noah through half-mast lashes, his lips stretched wide, cheeks hollowed…

Luke spread out below him, drawing Noah in and holding him fast, inhaling and exhaling in tandem, hearts racing…



Noah groaned low in his throat, his palm pressed to his erection. Thinking of Luke like this always made him hard and wanting, desperate to recapture at least something of their past, no matter how hollow he might feel afterward. He kept his eyes closed, unwilling to let go of Luke’s face, lose the nearness of his memories. In his head, it was Luke’s hand pushing his briefs down and taking hold of Noah’s aching cock. Luke’s hand teasing the swollen head with his thumb, spreading the pre-come before wrapping his fingers loosely round and sliding slowly up and down. Luke’s hand teasing him, squeezing in all the right places, driving him to the edge and then backing off. Luke’s hand finally increasing the speed and pressure, bringing Noah to perfect release, as he’d done so many times before.


Noah came with his eyes tightly shut, Luke’s name spilling uncontrollably from his lips, almost a benediction. His high remained for the all-too-short moments it took him to remember where he was - where Luke was - and then it dissipated, leaving him lying there, cold in the sweltering heat, his waning ecstasy like ashes in his mouth. Breathing heavily, he flung his arm over his eyes, determined to remain in control, to keep hold of the good memories for as long as possible. He grabbed the sheet to wipe his stomach and tucked his satisfied cock back into he briefs. Turning on to his side, Noah pulled his knees up to his chest and closed his eyes, seeking to recapture Luke’s face in his head; recapture that feeling of completeness Luke always gave him. Maybe tonight, the good memories would guide him into sleep.

And, maybe tomorrow, he’d go looking for new ones.
Chapter End Notes:
Thank you for reading.
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