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The Two Princes

by Pantalaimon-Dark Materials
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Table of Contents

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Story Notes:
I've tried to keep as many spoilers out of some of the other characters original films/stories but there maybe a few that needed to be mentioned.
Chapter Notes:
Part 1: Story Time
“Ethan!!...Ethan!!!” Luke called down the stairs, “Laptop time is over...Nope, you've had 5 extra minutes, 10 minutes ago!! Come on, bath time!” Luke could hear Ethan now trudging up the stairs with Holden holding his hand.

“Thanks Luke, Really appreciate it while we deal the ” Holden went from speaking and mouthed “Faith issue,” Luke nodded. Luckily Natalie was at a sleepover with a friends so it was just Ethan to put to bed,

“What's up with Faith?” Ethan asked, Luke and Holden looked at each other.

Luke shrugged “Keep telling you Dad mouthing doesn't work on us,” Then to Ethan “Faithy has small problem and she needs Holden to go and help her out. Come on bath then story!” He looked back to his dad and tried to give him a look of reassurance.

After bathtime, which resulted in Spongebob and Patrick having a tour of the bathroom, which left a small flood in the bathroom and a very wet Luke. But after all the water was cleared up Ethan was in his pyjamas and ready for bed. “Not bad” Luke thought as he towel dried his hair. “So Sir Ethan what shall the story be tonight? Elsa the snow queen or Batman and the 3 bears?...”

“Two Princes, one is locked in a tower and the other one rescues him just like in a fairytale but no princesses. Princesses are yucky!” Luke smiled “Ethan Snyder 1: homophobic a-holes 0” He was very proud of his little brother.

“But I want Batman and Elsa and a clock-work dragon ...With Lions and Tigers and Bears..”

“...Oh My!” Luke interjected. He loved making up stories for his brother, when he was a teenager he wanted to be a writer, maybe he would get back to that but it was a long way off at the moment. His life consisted of Reid's neurological wing and work with his trust fund. He wasn't happy, but almost content, he missed Reid he'd stopped grieving for him but he'd never forget Reid. He also thought about Mr. Mayer too. Noah had flown off to LA to persue a career as a film director. Luke often wondered whether Noah missed him too, his emails where often long and detailed about all the cool stuff he'd done. Luke was just happy for him, it's was he'd been striving for, now he'd got the break he deserved.

“Once Upon a Time their was a handsome prince called Nigel”

“Noah!” Ethan shouted, the names were always people he knew from around Oakdale, Ethan loved sending them on adventures, Luke's favorite was when Lucinda fought a dragon and won.

Luke smiled “Ok Noah it is, Once Upon a Time there was a handsome prince called Noah who ruled the old lands of the Oaken Dales. The prince was very happy. Living in the castle and riding around the plains with his horse named?...”

“Aaron” Ethan smiled, so did Luke.

“Riding around the plains with his horse Aaron. But he was under pressure from his father to find a beautiful Princess to marry. Noah thought princesses where yucky he didn't want to marry a princess.”

Luke put on a gruff voice for the King Mayer, “But marrying a princess means security for you, someone who can rule the kingdom if you fail in battle and you can have lots of heirs to the thrown.”

“Thanks Dad, the failing in battle bit really fills me with hope.” Noah said forlornly they had this conversation 1,000 times before. He looked around the great hall looking for something he hadn't seen before to take his interest, but the hall hadn't changed at all in the last 18 years so he just stood there listening to the same lecture from his father about finding a princess.

The King was angry at prince Noah's tone “Don't get snarky with me, young man! One day you'll thank me!...”

Noah muttered along with King Mayer “...and make me very proud one day but I need to see that you know your responsibilities to the thrown before I can give you my kingdom.” Noah sighed and said “I can do that father but why does it have to be princess can't it be anyone that I may fall in love with?”


“Not this again” Noah thought

“You know the rules, serving girls are not cut out to be princesses that’s why they are serving girls. Besides princesses have money and riches for your heirs to inherit.”

Noah's mind retorted “That's wrong look at Cinderella!”

“Noah I don't have time for this I have to meet with my knights and settle this matter with Lord Farquad. But I need you to go and see to a matter of setting up a trading route with Queen Elsa now she’s expecting you in a weeks time, that should give you plenty of time to get there...”

“Yeah loads,” Noah muttered sarcasticly. It took longer than 7 days to get to Arendelle. Of course The King who hadn't left the castle walls for anything more than a day or two wouldn't know that. “I'd better head off now, to get there in time,” Noah started to back out the hall to get away from the princess lecture.

“Yes, Yes, Yes off you go, live long a prosper son!” King Mayer waved him away, without looking.

With the help of a servant, Noah was packed and ready to go in the hour. “Thank you Hansel” Noah handed him a bag of shillings, “Buy some good food for you and your sister and don't spend it all on sweets.” When Noah could he always slipped his servants a few extra coins as his father was greedy and over taxed his kingdom and under paid his staff. “Could you also send a owl message use my owl Hedwig. Send it to Queen Elsa of Arendelle to forgive her pardon that I will be a couple days later for the meeting my father has arranged.”

“Very good Sir, Thank you of the coins” Hansel nodded and bowed

Noah climbed on his horse's back “Goodbye Hansel, Live Long and Prosper.” Within minutes horse and rider were a small speck on the horizon.
Chapter End Notes:
Part 2: Elsa Of Arendelle
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