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New Year's Eve by Bijou PG
Luke finds the letter Noah wrote him on New Year's Eve 2008 and plans a surprise.

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08/15/17 11:22 pm
Luke and Noah's first kiss happened on this day 10 years ago! I know lots of fans got hooked on the story because of that episode so happy anniversary, fandom!
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Ten years...wow! Very cool Tonya - thank you. I look forward to exploring the new layouts!!
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I only wanted to help

by Bijou
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Table of Contents

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“I only wanted to help..” Luke told a glaring Jade.

“By telling Casey I’m pregnant?”

“I thought he already knew! I thought he was freaking out over that!”

“I told you nobody knows yet!” Jade yelled. “Oh my god you told Noah didn’t you?”

“What? No! Why would I tell him?”

“Because you tell him everything! And he’s the worst liar in the history of the world.. so that means your parents will know by the end of the day.. which means MY dad will know tomorrow.. and my god..
Margo might already know.”

“Well.. she’d find out eventually wouldn’t she?”

“So not the point Luke.”

“You’re keeping the baby aren’t you? I mean.. this pregnancy.. it’s a good thing isn’t it?”

Jade’s face softened.

“Yeah.. yeah it’s a good thing. I just hope Casey thinks so too.. and Margo doesn’t kill us.”

“Don’t you think she’d be happy she’s going to be a grandmother?”

“Luke.. Really.. You have met my mother haven’t you?” Casey said, walking onto the porch. “She’s going to freak. Maybe we should tell my dad first and make him hide her gun.”

Jade punched him on the arm.

“Don’t even joke about that.”

“She wouldn’t shoot you. You’re carrying her grandchild. You’ll be safe. I might have to invest in a bulletproof vest.. or else that baby will grow up without a daddy.” Casey said and put his hand on Jade’s stomach.

“So you want this too?” Jade asked.

“Of course. I mean.. I didn’t think it would be so soon.. but she’s on her way now.. and I’m sure she’ll be as gorgeous as her mother.” Casey said and kissed his girlfriend.


Casey nodded.

“I just have a feeling it’s going to be a girl.”

“You’ve only known for 2 hours! And it’s way too early to tell.”

“I just know. What do you think Luke?”

“I.. think I’m just going to leave you two to it. I just saw Noah walk into the barn. I should go help him.” Luke said and all but ran from the porch into the barn where he found Noah talking to one of the mares that had just had a foal.

“Hey you, I thought you were still busy getting yelled at by Jade.”

“No she’s done. She’s moved onto Casey now. They’re having a baby.”

Noah smiled.

“I know. You told me.”

“Don’t tell her that.” Luke warned him. “She’ll yell at me again.” He said and turned his attention to the foal in the stable.

“He seems to be doing well.” Noah said when he noticed Luke looking at the horse. “Both of them are.”

Luke nodded.

“He’s going to be a big boy. Just look at those legs.. Jade’s baby could learn how to ride on him.”

“And you can teach him or her. Because you’ll be the cool uncle.”

“I don’t want to be the cool uncle Noah.” Luke blurted out. “I want to be the cool dad..”

Noah looked shocked and Luke thought he would freak out and run away like he used to do back when they’d just gotten together.

“If.. if you don’t want that.. it’s ok. Really. I don’t want to push you into anything. I.. understand if you think it’s too soon..”

“Luke.. breathe. You don’t even give me a chance to say anything.” Noah said, trying to calm the other man down.

“If this is your way of letting me down gently.. forget it and just say it. Just say you don’t want kids.”

“Who says I don’t want kids?”

“Wait.. what? You do? What are you saying?”

“I’m saying..” Noah said as he stepped closer to Luke and wrapped his arms around him. “That I’d love to start a family with you Snyder.


“I only wanted to help!” the little boy in Noah’s arms wailed.

“I know honey, I know. Your sister isn’t mad. Are you Ruby?”

“He ruined my project!”

“Ruby.. he’s eight.” Noah reminded his daughter.

“I know that dad. But this project is due on Thursday and he ruined it! Now I have to start all over again!”

“But.. I only wanted to help.” Shane sniffed and dried his eyes on his father’s shirt.

“I know. Ruby knows that too. But we’ll make a volcano of our own ok? So Ruby can finish her homework.” Noah said and turned his attention back to his daughter. “Why don’t you give uncle Reid a call?
He’s good with this kind of stuff.”

“Uncle Reid operates on brains.”

“Well.. yes.. but he’s very good at that so I’m sure he can help you with your science project.”

Ruby rolled her eyes.

“I wish papa was here. He doesn’t always pick Shane’s side.”

“I heard crashing noises coming from the kitchen and Shane was crying when I came to see what was going on. What was I supposed to think Ruby?”

“That he ruined my project! And started crying when it exploded!”

Noah sighed.

“Alright, enough. Why don’t you go do your other homework.. Shane and I will clean this mess up.”

“But it’s due Thursday!”

“I promise you it will be done Thursday. We’ll figure it out together ok? And your papa will be back from New York on Monday so he can help us too.”

“Ok.. but.. I’m done with the rest of my homework.”

“Then go watch TV. Or call a friend.”

“Can Jenna come over?” the girl asked hopeful.

Noah sighed. The thought of another teenager around the house wasn’t exactly what he had planned for his day off.

“Oh come on dad, please. Papa always says yes. We’ll stay in my room.”

“Alright. But stay out of your sister’s way. She’s studying for her finals.”

Ruby snorted.

“Dad.. you and I both know she’s not studying with Andrew Davis.”

“You are way too observant for a 12 year old you know that? Go call Jenna.. and let me live in my world where your sister is studying.”

“Daddy?” Shane asked carefully after his sister had disappeared.

“What is it buddy?”

“Is Rose playing video games?”

Noah gave the little boy a confused look.

“Ruby said she’s not studying.. so is she playing video games? I like playing video games more than school too.”

“Ah uhm.. yes, yes that’s exactly what she’s doing buddy. Playing video games.”

“Can we go play too?”

Noah panicked for a second.

“Uhm.. no.. uhm.. we uh.. ah yeah we were going to build our own volcano remember? That’s way better than those games.”

The boy smiled and wiggled in his father’s arms so he’d put him down.

“Can we start now?”

"I only wanted to help."

“Yeah well you only made it worse. He’s never going to say yes now.”

“How do you know?”

“Because my own father just humiliated me in front of him!”

“I only asked you if you needed any more of that cream for your rash.”

“Exactly! He’s going to think I sleep around now and caught some kind of horrible disease.”

“Oh come on. If he thinks that right away you shouldn’t even want to date him. And besides, this is nothing compared to what your grandpa Holden put me through when I was trying to get your dad to go
out with me.” Luke told his son and patted him on the back.

“Sure. Everyone loved dad right away. You always say that.” Shane said as he put the last shopping bag in the car.

“They did.. but they liked embarrassing me in front of your dad even more.” Luke said as he got in the car. “One time grandpa made me help him clean the stables right before I had a date with your dad.
I didn’t have time to shower when we were done so I stank of horse. I tried to mask it with cologne but that didn’t help. I spent the whole night apologising.”

Shane shrugged.

“Yeah well you and dad ended up getting married.. and you even lived at the farm together.”

“That was a long time before we got married. And your dad hadn’t seen all of the embarrassing baby photos and home videos yet by then.. and your grandma and grandpa were always happy to change

“You showed Kate my baby pictures!”

Luke laughed.

“That wasn’t on purpose. You brought her home when your dad and I were putting them in a new album. And she wanted to look at them herself.”

“Yeah and we broke up 3 weeks after that.”

“Because of the photos?”

“No.. but I really liked her and the minute I take her home to meet my crazy family.. we break up.”

“You really liked Emily too, and Toby and Chris.. and what was the other girl called again.. Donna?”

“Diana.” Shane replied. “And you make me sound like some kind of slut. I’m only 18. You and dad were together when you were 18.”

“But neither of us had dated the whole town by then.” Luke teased.

“What about aunt Maddie? And uncle Reid?”

“That wasn’t serious.” Luke said and started the car. “If you really like this guy.. ask him out. Just go for it. Ask him to be your date for your sister’s wedding.”

“Again with the crazy family pa.” Shane said and sighed. “And that’s in two weeks already.”

“So? Better hurry up and call him then. What’s his name anyway?”

“Kevin.” Shane said and tried to hide his smile from his father.

Luke smiled.

“Kevin huh? Nice name.”


“I only wanted to help.. but I don’t have a lot of experience when it comes to women’s clothing.” Luke told Faith who was trying to fix his daughter’s wedding dress.

“Why did you ask him to help you honey?” Faith asked her niece.“You know neither of your parents know anything about fashion or dresses.”

“Hey. I’m still here you know.”

“It’s ok Papa. Just go sit with dad. I’ll see you inside. Or maybe you could check on Andy.” Rose told her father.

“Yeah make sure he’s not climbing out the bathroom window.”

“He better not be. He got my daughter pregnant and he’s marrying her today.”

“Go talk to Kevin. You’re going to be family now. You should really get over your little feud.” Faith told her brother. “Now get out. I can’t fix that dress while she’s wearing it.”

“Alright. Just yell if you need me ok honey?” Luke told his daughter and kissed her cheek. “You look beautiful. Andy is a lucky guy.”

Rose smiled.

“Thanks papa. But aunt Faith is right. You should go talk to Andy’s dad. We want to have you all over for Christmas dinner this year.”

Luke sighed.

“Alright, I’ll see if I can find him.”

“He’ll be with Andy.” Faith reminded him. “And when you see your other daughter, send her in here please. I need some help with this.”

“Yes ma’am.” Luke said and saluted his sister before leaving the room.

“How is she? Is she nervous?” Noah asked when his husband sat back down next to him again.

“Not really. Her and Faith are stressing about the dress mostly.. and they want me to go talk to Kevin.”

“Well..” Noah started. “It would be the perfect opportunity. Our kids are getting married.”

“So? Should I just forget what he did to me?”

“You were 16 Luke. It’s been years. He apologised. Just move on.”

Luke sighed.

“You’re coming with me.”

“Why? I never had a problem with.. Ok, ok I’ll come with.” Noah said when he saw the look in his husband’s eyes. “Shane, save our seats for us.”

“Shane!” Luke repeated.

“Hmm? What?” Shane asked, finally snapping out of haze.

“We’re going to talk to Andy’s dad for a minute. Save our seats for us.” Noah explained.

“Oh right, sure thing dad.” Shane said, eyes wandering to the church door.

“Staring isn’t sexy Shane.” Luke said when he noticed who his son was looking at.

“Ignore your father honey. Just go say hi.” Noah said. “Ask him if he wants to sit with us.”

“If you think he can handle your crazy family.” Luke teased.

“Shut up pa.” Shane muttered but went to greet his date.

“Come on Luke, we have a Kevin to talk to as well.” Noah said and dragged Luke along.

“Andy? It’s Luke and Noah. Can we come in?” Noah asked as he knocked on dressing room the door.

Kevin opened the door 2 seconds later.

“Are you here to talk him out of it Snyder?” He asked Luke.

“No! Why would I do that?”

“Because you don’t want my kid marrying yours.”

“Yeah about that.” Noah said. “It’s time we ended that whole thing, don’t you think? We’re going to be family after all.”

“Yeah.. it’s been so long..” Luke said, focusing on a spot behind Kevin’s head.

“I really love your daughter Mr Snyder.. I’ll be good to her.. I promise.” Andy told them.

Noah smiled.

“I don’t doubt that for one second. She’ll always be our little girl though. You’ll understand that when you have one of your own. But welcome to the family son.”
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