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How can I reach you, Noah?

by Valenti1965
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Table of Contents

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Chapter Notes:
Written for the prompt meme challenge over on LJ with the prompt of: How can I reach you?
I don't care, I don't care
I need you right here right now
I need you right here right now right by my side yeah yeah
Get here
I don't care how you get here, just get here if you can.

As the song in the background ended, Luke and Noah ate a rushed breakfast. Noah had a last scene he needed to get in the can that day, in order for his film to go into post-production. It was such an important scene, too, and Noah didn't really want anyone else to do it. He was a bit of a control freak and he knew it.

"Noah, how can I reach you?" asked Luke anxiously.

Noah tried not to roll his eyes at his husband. He knew the important reason Luke was so on edge, but he must have asked him the same question every day that week.

"You have my cell, and just about everyone's who’ll be on set today, Luke," he replied as he gently placed his hand over the other man’s and squeezed it tightly.

"We know it could be today, as we have the past few days, but I really want to do this scene, Luke. I hope you can understand that?" Noah bit his lip anxiously.

Luke nodded. The storm that had hit L.A. a few weeks ago had really slowed down production on Noah's new film, what with the studio flooding, and production time had been lost. Looking at his handsome husband, Luke was never more relieved that he’d got his head out his ass six months after Noah’s move to L.A. and just turned up at his door, out of the blue, no luggage, with only the clothes he was wearing - and asked Noah, was he still waiting for him? The bone-crunching hug he received in response told him all he needed to know.

Luke still worked for his foundation, just nowadays mostly from home, although he frequently flew back to Oakdale for any meetings or visits to his family. Noah had really hit lucky with his third film, grossing a huge amount at the box office, and he was now so in-demand as a director, that he had his pick of films these days; a fact he never took for granted after having such limited success at first.

Now, eight years on, they both couldn't be happier, but they both knew they wanted that happiness extended. A random remark by a colleague, after passing a building in L.A whilst out scouting areas for a specific scene to his movie, had lead to Luke's question to him that morning.

As Noah left, Luke clung to him; Noah was almost tempted to stay, but he had people relying on him. The film had to be completed; he had no choice in the matter.

"You got full battery?" questioned Luke, knowing he was fussing but unable to help himself.

"Yes," Noah kissed Luke and hugged him more tightly. "Call me if you need me."

"I'll always need you, Noah" Luke pouted.

Noah laughed. "You know what I mean, love!" he said as he ruffled the blond hair on the man he had loved for so long now. Then he closed the front door gently behind him.


As Noah concentrated on the very last scene with his two leading actors, he was suddenly aware that his phone was vibrating in his pocket. Shit!! He couldn't stop the actors, who were living in the moment as they played out their emotional scene in front of him. A few minutes more; a few minutes more. He repeated it like a mantra in his head.

Trying to focus, but at same time anxious to see if the text was from Luke, he was aware that some people around him were discreetly going into their pockets and looking at their own phones, then looking over at him and smiling at him.


"Cut!" he yelled as the two actors looked up in surprise, pulled so sharply from their characters. A look of confusion crossed both their faces. Reaching into his pocket, he drew out his phone and saw a missed call and then a text from Luke.

'It's happening! Meet me there!!!!"

He quickly rang Luke's number but there was no reply. He left a short voicemail; "Won't be long!"

As he turned to his assistant director, Gabe didn't ask, he just said one word,


"Thanks, Gabe. I owe you." Gabe shook his hand, grinning.

"Good luck, mate. Now GO!"

Running out of the studio, he quickly rang Luke's number again, but there was still no reply. Breathlessly, he left another quick voicemail. "I'm on my way!!" and headed towards Cedars-Sinai.


Many hours later, as Luke held their baby daughter in his arms, Noah felt as if he was the proudest man who had ever walked planet Earth.

"Isn't she tiny?" asked Luke, looking up into Noah's eyes. He wondered what colour eyes their daughter would have.

Thank God Noah had passed the clinic that day, the one that had helped find them a surrogate egg donor, and then a surrogate to carry their child. They’d decided to mix both of their sperm and not know in advance who would be the biological father. They also didn't want to know the sex of the baby, wanting it to be a surprise.

"She sure is. But she’s all there. Ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes," replied Noah in awe. "Best of all, Luke, she’s ours."


The most beautiful word Luke had possibly ever heard in his life.

"So what shall we name her, then?"

Although they’d discussed names, with Charlotte and Lucy their top favourites for a girl, they hadn't quite decided, wanting to wait and actually meet her before they made a final decision.

"I want to call her Honor, Noah," replied Luke. "In honor of the two women who made her happen; they gave us this baby, this miracle." Luke couldn’t take his eyes off the perfect creation laying in his arms. Noah could do nothing but nod his head, smiling as the name reverberated around his head and heart.

"I love it, Luke," he said quietly, reaching out a finger to gently trace across her downy cheek. She was a heavenly gift from above and Noah was suddenly overcome by a fierce feeling of love for his daughter, a love which was a natural extension to his feelings for the only man he had ever loved; his husband, Luke Synder-Mayer.

"Hello Honor," he whispered, as he gently kissed the top of her head, and then he sought out her father's willing lips with his own. Heavenly.

Chapter End Notes:
Thanks for reading x
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