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New Year's Eve by Bijou PG
Luke finds the letter Noah wrote him on New Year's Eve 2008 and plans a surprise.
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Luke knows he'll need to fight for Noah. He has a few ideas.
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New Year's Eve by Bijou PG
Luke finds the letter Noah wrote him on New Year's Eve 2008 and plans a surprise.

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Beautiful by cate PG
After Reid's tragic death, Luke and Noah slowly try to put the pieces together in their relationship...

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08/15/17 11:22 pm
Luke and Noah's first kiss happened on this day 10 years ago! I know lots of fans got hooked on the story because of that episode so happy anniversary, fandom!
08/15/17 11:12 pm
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07/25/17 04:18 am
Been a while and I come in to find all these lovely layouts... and 10 year! Thanks for all the hard work.
07/14/17 11:56 am
The mail system is fully switched now. So my email & all site emails are working!
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Hi guys, I'm making some changes to how email on this site works. While things are switching over, my email and this site's auto emails may not work. It should take a few hours max.
European Orchid
07/05/17 01:52 am
New spam account is locked and reviews will be removed. Happy tenth aniversary Nukies! This site AND TONYA rocks and I love you guys to bits!
06/15/17 09:45 pm
Ten years...wow! Very cool Tonya - thank you. I look forward to exploring the new layouts!!
06/14/17 05:34 pm
I hope you all like the new layouts! :)
06/06/17 10:39 am
Congrats to Tala Ashe (Amerra) on joining the cast of Legends of Tomorrow!
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Thanks for those reminders @scj0710 and @abohannon35! I can't believe its been 10 years!
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1st of June 5 years on

by scott_gilles
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Table of Contents

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Chapter Notes:
sorry i know it's another story from me today but i saw the challege and got the idea!
On the happiest day of his life Luke stood up. Everyone else at the reception went quite,

“umm I just want to say, firstly a sorry to Casey he is our best man, but I just felt this need to be said and where better than in all of the people that we love” Luke looked at the man with jet black hair sitting next to him, looking very handsome in a white suit with a pale blue shirt,

“Noah Snyder- Mayer, oh man that is going to take some getting use to but it sounds so good!.” A titter of laughter went around the tables “I just want to say you are the most important person in my life, sorry Ethan.... and Casey” More laughter

“You've always been there when I've been going crazy. When I've lost my way and when I've fallen down. You are the man who will pick me up and dust me off and say it's ok. 5 years ago today I met you, in WOAK, I had ago at you for being late. And you were never late to work again,” More giggles “You think I'm joking. That day I dropped the tapes my hand touched yours, my world exploded, You became everything to me. When I couldn't walk you were there always to support me , that Christmas your card, I will treasure forever, I have it memorised, I remember you telling Ethan a bed time story of a Victorian Christmas were Mum and Dad get back together. It came true.

“When you married Amira, I loved you even more because you cared so much about this girl that you couldn't see her hurt” Luke turned to look at Ameira who was sat next to Chris and Katie not so baby Jacob. Amira gave a small smile and wave.

“your wedding vows that I helped you write, well that I did write they are still hundred 100% true 'Love is a gift that lack meeting until it is shared. I see in you the love I am truly blessed to know,'I remember when you said maybe we would get one of our own some day, well today is that day and it's the best day of my life. Well apart from when we met Cyndi Lauper, I'm joking”

“It often strikes me how much you are right. And how I should listen to you, you told me I shouldn't go for student government you where right. I shouldn't get involved with the drug scandle, again you were right, I think we've just about made it out of Margo's bad books. You were also right about Zac and Zoe, I was going crazy I missed you so much, but somehow even though it was the most terrifying 4 days of my life it's was ok cos I was with you and being tied up with you was so much better than going crazy with out you, and this is going to sound cheesy but now I'm tied to you for life.”

“the thing that got me about you when you were blind I just want to say how amazed I am that you didn't fall into this bubble of self pity, you where very strong and very very stubborn, you really wanted to see and if you couldn't see you were still going learn to cope, I have so much admiration for your strenght. And it's that same strenght that help me when Reid died, the last thing you wanted was to talk about him but you came to find me by the pond. I think any normal ex-boyfriend would of let me fall into horrible pit of despair but you caught me.”

And every month you came back from LA to visit me, Until Chirstmas when I flew out there to surprise you, to discover you had flown back to Oakdale for good to surprise me. And in this crazy year we have made a state of the art Nuro wing, a award winning film and a beautiful family. We adopted to amazing kids Robyn and Joel” Luke looked at their two kids sitting with Faith, Natalie and Ethan. Grandma Emma fluffed Joel's soft baby blonde hair, Luke's eyes welled up uncontrollably.

“I wish I could come up with the words to say how much I love you without sounding cliche” Luke voice shook “but on my little piece of paper everything I tried to write sounded rubbish I scrubbed it out and all I can say is Noah Snyder- Mayer,” Luke gave a hiccup laugh “I love you and it is a real honer to be your husband,” Luke kissed Noah, and sat down.
Noah stood up and wiped is own tears out of eyes

“why are you and Dad crying Daddy?” Robyn asked
Everyone in the room let out an “Aww” of cuteness. Noah walked over to Robyn and picked up the 6 year old

“Cos we are happy” Noah smiled at Luke.

He then turned to address everyone in the Lake View reception room “I think you all know that I'm not as eloquent as Luke so I'm just going to say Same Here.”
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