Our Love Is Stronger by no1nukelover
Summary: Luke and Noah are about to see each other for the first time since Noah left for LA! Let's see how this goes!
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1. Let's Make Plans by no1nukelover

2. Let's Bring In Noah by no1nukelover

Let's Make Plans by no1nukelover
Author's Notes:
First Chapter! Oh I know this chapter is short. The rest will be longer! I promise! This is just the introduction before everything goes down!
PS: I'm not really sure if I uploaded correctly.
It’s been a year since Noah and I said goodbye and you would think that after a year apart I would at least not think about Noah every day. Right after Reid had died and Noah took off for LA, I knew that I needed this time to recover from my late boyfriend’s death. It was devastating. Reid was the only man besides Noah that I have ever loved, well there was my ex-best friend. But I like to think of those years as the lost ones because he didn’t take the news that I was gay very well. Okay enough thinking about the past.

I got up after confirming my flight to LA. I really can’t believe that I am going to see Noah. I’ve always imaged that this would happen. I mean when Noah left we had even said that one day we would find our way back to one another. It’s just that I can literally feel my heart beating out of my freaking chest. I need to just breathe, these next two days are going to go by so slow. I guess I need to start packing.

Half way through packing I realized that I don’t need to finish packing today as I have two days left to do it in. I need to let off some steam I guess I’ll go on a run. I need to check my phone first though. Oh, hey I didn’t hear my phone go off but I have a text from Noah. “Luke, um we need to talk and I don’t think it can wait till you get here. Call me as soon as possible please.” Crap, that doesn’t sound too good. I better get this out of the way before I go for my run.

The phone rings three times before he answers it. “Mayor.” The way this man answers his phone. You would think he actually joined the Military like is Father wanted. “Hey Noah, what’s up?” I say, my nerves are haywire. I’m sure he can hear it in my voice. “Luke, hey. I just... I have some stuff I need to get off my chest before you get here.” Oh. “Shoot.” Is this only thing I can think of to say “Well, we’ve acknowledged that it’s been a year since we have seen each other. I was just thinking do you think we should figure out where we stand with each other before you head out here? I mean I know we’ve been talking for the last few months. And I have no idea what you are thinking.” This is not how I seen this conversation going. “I um. I guess that would be for the best Noah. But honestly, I have no idea where to start.” This is blowing my mind. “Okay. How about I start. You know I have never been good with words that has always been you. Luke, I love you. I always have. I always will. When you was with Reid, It killed me. Every day. But I had to deal because I know I am the one who pushed you away I blamed you, but baby my feelings for you has never changed. I love you. I love you so much.”

My head is spinning. “Luke… please say something.” Okay well here it goes, “I was… I was just thinking how much you mean to me. Noah, when we were together those were some of the best years of my life. Even if I wanted them to, my feelings for you have not changed. I don’t think they ever will. I love you, too Noah, more then you will ever know.”

I cannot believe this is happening. I’ve thought about this for the last six months. And it’s finally happening. “I am so glad to hear you say that. So, um… where does this leave us?” Noah’s words are like a lifejacket that is keeping my head above water. “Right now, I don’t know. What do you want us to be?” “Well. I know that in two days you will be here. And I really want to kiss you as soon as you step off that flight. And I think it would hurt to kiss you knowing that we are not… you know. Together.” “Noah Mayor, are saying that you want to be together again?” “Well, um… yes, but only if you want to be” “Yes!” I laugh. “Of course I want to be with you. More than anything!
Let's Bring In Noah by no1nukelover
Author's Notes:
Sorry it took me an extra day to get this chapter up! Luke finally makes it to LA, where does it go from there?
This story is told heavily in Luke's perspective.
The two days have passed and its god, it’s already three am. I better get up and get ready to head to the airport for my flight at 6. I didn’t get any sleep last night, I tossed and turned all night just thinking what today has in store for me. Seeing Noah after all this time is really getting to me. I can’t sleep, can hardly eat. Can hardly breathe with my chest feeling like it’s caving in.

When I get to the Air Port, I get through all the lines and security in plenty of time to catch my flight to LA. So I’ve decided that I will slow down, grab a bite to eat and use the restroom and still have time to get to my gate and get my flying nerves under control. I’ve always been a nervous flyer, but this time is different it’s mixed with other emotions, emotions that has everything to do with seeing Noah later today. I haven’t seen this boy in a year and I miss him so much.

As I’m sitting down to eat my airport lunch I hear a man behind me say something about how gay man shouldn’t be allowed to fly because “Who would want to be on a plain with a man who wants to get in every other males pants for hours?” So I do what I never should have done, I turned around and said to the him “Oh don’t worry, there is not a gay man within 50 yards of you that will touch you with a ten foot pole” The man got so red in the face I laughed then turned around to finish eating what I could of my food. After I’m done I’m at my gate and waiting to board. Whelp, there’s no turning back now “T-Minus 6 hours” I say out loud, the countdown is on. I text Noah to let him know that we are about to start boarding and that I love him.

When everyone is in their set and getting ready for takeoff, I start thinking about how my family reacted when I told them that I was going to LA to see Noah. They were all supportive of my choice, they know how much he means to me, and how much I need him, and besides they all love him, and they’ve all had amazing relationships with him. To put it mildly I wasn’t the only one devastated when he left. I actually remember when he told everyone good bye, It was like he was taking a piece of everyone one when he left. There’s no denying that he took a piece of me.

I know that I loved Reid, what we had was one of a kind, and I’m not sorry that we happened, but what if I fought harder for Noah? What if I gave up on us too soon? Everyone said I did what was best for me. He pushed me away so hard for so long that I just couldn’t do it anymore. I needed someone to actually want me. Some one that was happy to see me at the end of the day, and at the end our relationship I felt that Noah wanted nothing to do with me. I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do so I backed off.

Noah is right though he never was that good with words. I’ve been thinking back to the fight that led to Noah and I’s first time. We had broken up because to Noah and everyone else including myself ‘I couldn’t stop drinking and throwing myself at men twice my age who happened to be married to someone I say I respect.’ He was talking then, -I have to laugh out loud- well more like yelling, but it’s what happened next. I remember saying “Well at least I apologize, I'm not too stubborn to admit that I'm wrong or too selfish, “selfish” he repeated back to me stunned, “you're selfish with your feelings you push me away over and over again you have all these stupid excuses like your father or your military upbringing or whatever but the truth is you're just too scared to let anyone get close to you why are you so scared Noah? He had said “I’m not” “ yes you are, you can't let somebody love you and just love them back why not why can't you just go with your feelings and just do it just feel what you're feeling and just let it go.” I had said, then he grabbed me and kissed me in the middle of town, we barley made it back to my house that day.

That was the day that I thought we had gotten back together and nothing could ever tear us apart again. Boy, was I wrong! The pilot came on the intercom just then to announce our decent in to LA. I was getting more nervous by the minute. I’m this close to seeing Noah, and I’m feeling every emotion known to man. What do you say to a man that you haven’t seen in a year? More importantly what do you say to man that you have loved and lost and loved again? And that is the question.

As I’m standing there waiting for my luggage I feel someone tap me on my shoulder. I know who it is before I even turn around, and when I finally do I come face to face with the most beautiful, tall, blue eyed man I have ever seen. “Noah!” I say as I go in for a gigantic hug. He smiled then hugged me back and asked how I was doing. “Tired and dirty after the day of travailing I can’t wait to get back to your place to take a shower and just relax.” “Well, you’re in luck Snyder that’s exactly where we’re headed!” Noah said laughing. It was good to hear his laugh in person. I knew I missed him but I didn’t know I missed him like this. The moment or eyes met when I turned around it was like a weight was lifted of my shoulders, everything was brighter, and smelled better. It was a natural high that I never wanted to come down from.

When we got back to his place and I got my luggage in his spare room, we both decided to sit on the couch and relax before I took a shower. As we’re sitting there talking I notice that he looks a little uncomfortable. So me, being who I am decided to stop him. I told him that we should stop with the small talk, that I am here now and we need to work things out. We need to do this now. We have too much to say. And quite frankly I’m sick and tired of not talking. As we sit there saying nothing staring into each other’s eyes Noah opens his mouth to start speaking, but then closes it again. It’s a good while before we start speaking but I as peruse I start speaking first. And he listens to me, and for the first time I think he actually hears me. I don’t know what had gotten into him in the last year but I think I like this new Noah.

“We really don’t have to get into all this now, you just got here.”

“I feel like with everything that we have talked about and my being here is just proof that we need to get this all out of the way before we get any more invested in us. Before we get to comfortable we became the same people we were before all this happened. We need to be new people, we can’t keep repeating the same mistakes or we will lose each other for good Noah.”

“I know but I just want to be us just for a little while before we get into the hard stuff.”

“I hate to break it to you Bubby, but the hard stuff has already began.”

{Noah} “I know” was the last thing that I had said before flinging myself at Luke, when he had called me “Bubby” my mind kind of went blank. If I had to admit it to myself I missed Luke calling me that. I missed everything about him. His scent, the color of eyes, and the way he was always smiling, but what I think I missed the most was the way I could always feel Luke smile when we kissed.

{Luke} Wow! What has gotten into Noah? We were just talking and then the man mauled me with kisses! I’m not complaining though. I missed this; I missed his taste, his soft lips the way he always kissed me like his life depended on it. It was those kisses that I needed for so long, it was his lips that I craved his arms that I longed for when I was grieving for Reid. Don’t get me wrong, I missed Reid but I knew I would never get to be in his arms again. But with Noah I knew I always had his arms to run to when I needed them, when I needed him. I can’t imagine not having this man in my life.
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