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Cute Unattached Male Seeks... by feeding the wolves

Luke is urged by his best friend Casey to put an ad on an online dating site.

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Someone called Soulmate by Sidd

Post-Finale => Luke Snyder and Noah Mayer are two people with a history...
European Orchid
09/15/14 11:31 am
Heap of updates = Happy Mariken. Thanks, guys!
European Orchid
09/15/14 11:11 am
Heap of updates = Happy Mariken. Thanks, guys!
European Orchid
09/15/14 04:31 am
Welcome, ap0llO. Love the name!
09/14/14 02:05 pm
To all my beloved members of the "Him" brigade: Chapter 8 has been posted :) Apologies for the wait.
European Orchid
09/13/14 04:00 pm
@SarahSezLove That's all I ask and hope for! :-)
09/13/14 02:32 pm
@ European Orchid. Oh damnation! I'll do my best ;)
European Orchid
09/13/14 02:28 pm
@SarahSezLove I would, provided you uncross them right away and get to writing immediately. Deal? :-)
09/13/14 10:17 am
@ European Orchid. Ummmmm...would you believe I had my fingers crossed behind my back?
European Orchid
09/13/14 08:46 am
@SarahSezLove Yes. Yes you did. So that's a promise, right? *makes puppy face* :-)
09/13/14 12:51 am
Hey pwalla - it's all swimming in my head. I'll hopefully have it done within the next week. Darn!! Did I really just say that out loud? :)
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Most Recent

The Two Princes by Pantalaimon-Dark Materials starstarstarstarhalf-star
Luke tells a story to his little brother, of these two fairy tale princes on they way through the story they encounter Elsa of Arendelle, a Clockwork Dragon and some other favorite characters from the land of fantasy.

Love During Wartime by Bijou starstarstarstarstar

1940, The start of World War 2. Luke is a reporter for a newspaper, Noah is a Pilot in the US Airforce. Both of them are being sent to war torn London. Will they find love during wartime?

Him by Appassionata starstarstarstarstar
When an unforeseen tragedy forces Luke to make the most agonizing decision of his life, he desperately needs comfort and support from someone who cares. Like a guardian angel, he is there.

Flowers for Him by jb1183 starstarstarstarstar
Luke receives flowers from his husband and recalls an earlier time that Noah gave him flowers.

First Mates by Honeybee starstarstarstarstar
It's the year 1812, and the maritime cold war between England and America is threatening to turn hot. In the midst of this, Luciano Grimaldi has been kidnapped at the behest of his father. When pirates set upon his ship, he sees a chance for escape. Can he win the trust of the first mate and thus his...

Living in Your Letters by Meadow Lion starstarstarstarstar
I felt some issues from the AtWT episodes that aired on April 10 and 11 of 2008 needed to be addressed, and this brief scene set between them is how I did so.

Home is Where You Are by SarahSezLove starstarstarstarstar
Until Luke Snyder forces his way into his life, 14 year old Noah Mayer has never known the warmth of love and caring. But growing up means changing...changing feelings...changing expectations...and not everyone changes in the same way.

The Tears of Summer by neddiheht starstarstarstarstar
Some memories last a lifetime. For Noah, those memories are particularly hard as he cares for an aging Luke

You're home now by wheelie47 starstarstarstarstar
A summer's day at Snyder Pond...

After All This Time by Appassionata starstarstarstarstar
For Luke and Noah what they had back then felt a lot like love, but neither one was ready or willing to admit it. When they meet by chance ten years later, will they foolishly let love pass them by again?

Memories of You by feeding the wolves starstarstarstarstar
Noah always had more than a mere crush on Luke; his best friend's younger brother. Summers spent camping with the Snyder family and hanging out at their home spurred Noah's obsession. Years later, Noah is invited to a housewarming party at Aaron's home and is forced into an unfortunate circumstance beyond...

Finding a Reason by SarahSezLove starstarstarstarstar
Luke’s stutter rules his life and ruins his chances of a normal relationship. The graveyard shift at the local radio station brings some positive changes.

Cute Unattached Male Seeks... by feeding the wolves starstarstarstarstar
Luke is urged by his best friend Casey to put an ad on an online dating site.

Beauty and the Beast by MissOptimistic starstarstarstarstar
Luke was told never to go into the darker part of the woods. The Weres had taken over that part of the woods, and any Werewolf who entered would get killed. But Luke would rather get killed by a Were than forced to be mated to an Alpha he despised.

Undercover Love by buttercup starstarstarstarhalf-star
Luke goes undercover with Westboro Baptist Church in order to write an article for the Oakdale Times newspaper. He meets Noah, who is with the Patriot Guard Riders.

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