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Facebook Notification... by Valenti1965

Luke is in L.A. and receives a facebook notification which changes his life.

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What Could Be - The Next Two Years by Amesstar

Mini-Series full of one-shots and two shots, carrying on from WCB-NA & WCB-POV...
European Orchid
11/19/15 11:07 pm
I'll delete their review this evening, when I get home, btw.
European Orchid
11/19/15 11:06 pm
@Tonya: FYI --> located new spammer and deleted their account(which felt strangely cathartic, actually... ;-))
11/17/15 09:02 am
@European Orchid, It's no problem at all! Those spammers can be sneaky!
European Orchid
11/13/15 11:53 am
Wow, I missed that one. Sorry, Tonya, didn't mean for you to pick up my slack! I'll check more regularly from now on.
11/12/15 06:57 pm
Thanks for reporting that @Valenti1965. That was quite the spam spree! I've deleted them all & locked the account.
11/11/15 10:10 am
Think new member is spamming reviews Tonya. Crf_123
European Orchid
11/11/15 07:31 am
Sorry for the late reply @Comicgirl. LJ worked for me, just now. Maybe just a temporary glitch?
11/08/15 08:38 pm
hey there , is anyone having hassles getting onto LJ , my details aren't working ???
European Orchid
11/07/15 11:33 am
Thanks for the tip, Cindy! x
10/29/15 08:29 pm
You should all head to the Nuke Anon at LJ for a Christmas exchange.
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Most Recent

Tales From the Water's Edge by cindyls1969 starstarstarstarstar
A series of short glimpses into the goings on at Snyder Pond.

Sorry Is Not the Hardest Word by cindyls1969 starstarstarstarstar
Words are hard for Noah but he finally figures out that it's okay to say yes.

Army Life by Bijou starstarstarstarstar
Obama has nominated an openly gay man to be Secretary of the Army, what if that man was Noah?

(u) Overcoming by Seajellybaby starstarstarstarstar
The LA Series - Luke and Noah return to normal family life, but they have issues that need resolution...

Sun by European Orchid starstarstarstarstar
The quote says: “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”. Then again, in the Nukeverse, sometimes sunbathing isn’t just sunbathing.

Mission Possible by Bijou starstarstarstarhalf-star
When Noah comes back to Oakdale for Casey and Jade's wedding everyone is on a mission to get him and Luke back together.

Chase the Darkness Away by SarahSezLove starstarstarstarstar
Caught in the darkness of his nightmare, Noah needs his husband, Luke, to light the way home.

Family is not always about blood by Valenti1965 starstarstarstarstar
Noah surprises Luke one morning and it leads to finding their own family along the way...

All of me loves all of you by wheelie47 starstarstarstarstar
Luke loves Noah but is it enough?

Our Song by Bijou starstarstarstarstar
"True Colors is totally our song now"

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