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Facebook Notification... by Valenti1965

Luke is in L.A. and receives a facebook notification which changes his life.

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Relationship Status by ficnic

Noah updates his Facebook. Luke is not amused.
European Orchid
08/27/15 10:32 am
Thanks for all of the sweet things you guys have said about my first fic in 16 months. I love my fellow Nukies! BEST. FANDOM. EVER. X
European Orchid
08/25/15 10:52 pm
@Appassionata - Well, from what I saw on Twitter, you were busy making amazing fan art for Eastsiders and Ms Guidance! Hope the challenge bug bites you soon, though. Look forward to a new Faye fic!
European Orchid
08/25/15 10:50 pm
@Cariad123 - Please put on that cap, I miss your writing! I hadn't done anything for over a year (well, I did a thesis, lol) and it was scary to start writing again, but SO much fun as well!
European Orchid
08/25/15 10:48 pm
@Wheellie47 - thanks Anne! I enjoy being able to write for myself again! And thanks so much for your beautiful stories. They inspired me to try something different. You rock!
08/25/15 02:53 pm
Hmm, I might take a stab at this Luke in the Sun Challenge. I'm always thinking of new ideas, but unfortunately I haven't been feeling like writing much lately. Thanks for this @Mariken.
08/25/15 12:51 pm
Great Challenge Mariken 'Luke in the Sun' will have to put my thinking cap on not written anything in a LOOOOOOOOONG time lol
08/25/15 10:31 am
@ Mariken - welcome back to writing! Totally loved 'Sun'! And well done on a great choice for a challenge
European Orchid
08/25/15 09:06 am
@SarahSezLove - *Blushes* Um. I think you are confusing who's the student and who's the master, here :-) X
08/24/15 04:04 pm
@Mariken a well...I'm really gonna have to up my game and go back to the writing board. Your 'Sun' is utterly perfect.
European Orchid
08/22/15 06:16 am
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Most Recent

Sun by European Orchid starstarstarstarstar
The quote says: “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”. Then again, in the Nukeverse, sometimes sunbathing isn’t just sunbathing.

Mission Possible by Bijou starstarstarstarhalf-star
When Noah comes back to Oakdale for Casey and Jade's wedding everyone is on a mission to get him and Luke back together.

Chase the Darkness Away by SarahSezLove starstarstarstarstar
Caught in the darkness of his nightmare, Noah needs his husband, Luke, to light the way home.

Family is not always about blood by Valenti1965 starstarstarstarstar
Noah surprises Luke one morning and it leads to finding their own family along the way...

All of me loves all of you by wheelie47 starstarstarstarstar
Luke loves Noah but is it enough?

Our Song by Bijou starstarstarstarstar
"True Colors is totally our song now"

Drowning by SarahSezLove starstarstarstarstar
Sometimes, it takes drowning to find your forever.

Perfect Day by SarahSezLove starstarstarstarstar
Teenage Luke feels far-removed from his family, too used to hiding behind the facade of the son they're convinced he is. It takes a perfect day to show him his true self and the future he deserves.

Firsts by wheelie47 starstarstarstarstar
A night of firsts...

Him by Appassionata starstarstarstarstar
When an unforeseen tragedy forces Luke to make the most agonizing decision of his life, he desperately needs comfort and support from someone who cares. Like a guardian angel, he is there.

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