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Facebook Notification... by Valenti1965

Luke is in L.A. and receives a facebook notification which changes his life.

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Dealing or Just Coping by wheelie47

Part of the Days Like These series. Luke and Noah try to come to terms with...
07/24/15 07:29 am
Thanks for everything you do, Tonya!xx
07/23/15 07:25 pm
Remember to keep sending in FOTM nominations too. Only 2 people have sent nominations since our last poll!
07/23/15 07:20 pm
Thank you everyone! We had 2 generous donors who have helped pay for the hosting for the next several months! Thanks to both donors!
07/20/15 12:43 pm
Thanks so much for your dedication, Tonya. It's greatly appreciated and a few dollars is so worth the wonderful job you do for us, here. X
European Orchid
07/18/15 02:25 am
Thanks Tonya, you are and always will be our Nukefic Goddess! Hope all of us can band together and get that hosting bill paid in full soon!
European Orchid
07/18/15 02:25 am
Thanks Tonya, you are and always will be our Nukefic Goddess! Hope all of us can band together and get that hosting bill paid in full soon!
07/17/15 10:04 pm
There's some other news included in the post too so please read & let me know if you have questions!
07/17/15 10:03 pm
Our hosting bill is normally due in Nov but thanks to a donor we had funding for several extra months. It's nearly due now though so please read the News post (to the right) if you can help!
European Orchid
07/12/15 08:30 am
even though it has the wrong guy as the quarterback, it could very well be the story you mean. And even if it's not, it's totally worth a read!
European Orchid
07/12/15 08:29 am
@renatajn - I think you might mean 'the writer and the player'by Aspirwriter. It has Maddie, Casey, Quarterback NOAH (not Luke), and also Roth and an OMC.
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Our Song by Bijou starstarstarstarstar
"True Colors is totally our song now"

Drowning by SarahSezLove starstarstarstarstar
Sometimes, it takes drowning to find your forever.

Perfect Day by SarahSezLove starstarstarstarstar
Teenage Luke feels far-removed from his family, too used to hiding behind the facade of the son they're convinced he is. It takes a perfect day to show him his true self and the future he deserves.

Firsts by wheelie47 starstarstarstarstar
A night of firsts...

Him by Appassionata starstarstarstarstar
When an unforeseen tragedy forces Luke to make the most agonizing decision of his life, he desperately needs comfort and support from someone who cares. Like a guardian angel, he is there.

First Mates by Honeybee starstarstarstarstar
It's the year 1812, and the maritime cold war between England and America is threatening to turn hot. In the midst of this, Luciano Grimaldi has been kidnapped at the behest of his father. When pirates set upon his ship, he sees a chance for escape. Can he win the trust of the first mate and thus his...

Proceed With Caution by Appassionata starstarstarstarstar
When sixteen year old Luke Grimaldi goes missing while on a ski trip with friends, a top secret organization lead by Noah Mayer is hired to find him.

The Book of Love by Bijou starstarstarstarstar
Luke gets dating advice from Natalie.

A New Year State of Mind by SarahSezLove starstarstarstarstar
A little bit of New Year fluff...with a Buffy flavour.

Home is Where You Are by SarahSezLove starstarstarstarstar
Until Luke Snyder forces his way into his life, 14 year old Noah Mayer has never known the warmth of love and caring. But growing up means changing...changing feelings...changing expectations...and not everyone changes in the same way.

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