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The Catalyst by slashfreak

On his first day at a new school in Missouri, Luke Snyder meets Noah Mayer. Noah has a boyfriend he cares...

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Waiting by annisalee

Gapfiller for the 11/17/09 episode.  CONTAINS SPOILERS!
feeding the wolves
04/17/14 03:02 pm
Thanks Faye! Be looking out for your gift sometime soon! :)
04/17/14 02:38 pm
@feeding the wolves, welcome back sweet boy <3
04/17/14 11:28 am
Good to have you back, Andrew :)
European Orchid
04/17/14 09:32 am
@Andrew Thanks! *sneaks off-site to read* :-)
feeding the wolves
04/17/14 07:44 am
eep louise, I have to read that sucker all over to know where I was going with it. I have notes tho... Maybe someday. :D
04/17/14 06:38 am
Any chance of a new chapter then Andrew? :-)
feeding the wolves
04/17/14 06:26 am
Nope, every man's dream is on the vanhansis zeta board. Yes, I'm the Andrew that posted with Dani - Undeniable Love.
feeding the wolves
04/17/14 06:24 am
@ European Orchid continued... as well as original fiction too. ;)
feeding the wolves
04/17/14 06:23 am
@ European Orchid I'm on LJ under the name beautfl_tragedy. it's open to the public. there are some nuke and real life van/jake if you click on the master fiction list, you'll see a list o
04/17/14 05:03 am
Mine too @European Orchid. I've been waiting for that and Everyman to finish.
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Welcome to, the Noah/Luke fanfiction archive! Here, you can find, read, review, and post fanfiction about As the World Turn's supercouple, Noah Mayer and Luke Snyder.

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Most Recent

Undercover Love by buttercup starstarstarstarhalf-star
Luke goes undercover with Westboro Baptist Church in order to write an article for the Oakdale Times newspaper. He meets Noah, who is with the Patriot Guard Riders.

Him by Appassionata starstarstarstarstar
When an unforeseen tragedy forces Luke to make the most agonizing decision of his life, he desperately needs comfort and support from someone who cares. Like a guardian angel, he is there.

You Didnt Forced Me by RikelleR5 starstarstarstarstar
Just a part of Luke and Noah's step at their first time :D
Luke gave his boyfriend a taste of what he will get when they already do 'it'.

Ink by European Orchid starstarstarstarstar
During a trip to New York, Luke and Casey go somewhere special to celebrate Luke’s book deal.

The Maltese Falcon by pwalla starstarstarstarstar
Post conclusion. Luke gets a birthday present and it's not what he expects

Love Me Tender by buttercup starstarstarstarstar
Luke and Casey go to Chicago to represent the Luke Snyder Foundation at a concert to benefit the American Cancer Society. When he meets the performer, an Elvis impersonator named Noah Mayer, Luke is glad he agreed to go.

Beauty and the Beast by MissOptimistic starstarstarstarstar
Luke was told never to go into the darker part of the woods. The Weres had taken over that part of the woods, and any Werewolf who entered would get killed. But Luke would rather get killed by a Were than forced to be mated to an Alpha he despised.

The Catalyst by slashfreak starstarstarstarstar
On his first day at a new school in Missouri, Luke Snyder meets Noah Mayer. Noah has a boyfriend he cares about very much, but Luke wants Noah for himself.

Back Pains by farrahfave starstarstarstarstar
Luke and Noah take advantage of some alone time.

Out on the Ice by jb1183 starstarstarstarstar
Luciano Grimaldi's Olympic dream has come true.

The Dark Age by Honeybee starstarstarstarstar
In early 5th Century Britain, Rome is losing its grip on power. Queen Lucinda needs to make peace with the Romans and solidify her power to protect against the Saxon and Pict invaders. She's even willing to sacrifice her beloved grandson to do it.

A Question of Love by Appassionata starstarstarstarhalf-star
On his final day in Oakdale, Noah told Luke he still loved him. He made a promise to Luke that he would wait for him forever. As Noah waited for Luke in LA, he promised himself that whenever he came to him he would love him and accept him, no matter what.  Now Luke has arrived in LA harboring a secret;...

Trying To Fix What's Not Broken by Elsberry starstarstarstarstar
What if when Damien returned he hadn't changed? What if he still thought Luke needed to be straightened out at Echo Lake? What if he would do anything to get him there? The one thing he didn't count on was Luke's boyfriend. And Damien might have met his match when he threatens Noah with loosing Luke.

Savior of Humanity by Aspirwriter starstarstarstarstar
Luke "loses" it, and Noah tries to stick by him.

Thine by Emberlynn starstarstarstarstar
Part Five of the Secret Nights Series. ‘I will always have to hide some part of myself, will I not?’

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Fic Improv

In the earlier days of this site, we did a monthly improv for a short time. To help encourage fic and to have some fun, I thought it'd be fun to start this game again!


How it Works

Every two months, I will post a series of words. Writers will then write a fic using those words and post it in the designated improv category. If we get enough submissions, we may do a poll with a small reward for the author who used the improv words in the most clever way.


  1. Your fic must be written between February 4th and April 1st!
  2. Your fic must include all improv words. (NOTE: You can have any prefixes or suffixes attached to any word [example: you can use "loving" if one of the improv words is "love"])!
  3. Your fic must be placed in this category!
  4. You can submit as many fics per improv as you'd like.
  5. Your fic can be set at any time during the Luke/Noah storyline or it can be completely AU.




Write a fic that uses these 4 words:

SnapshotSplay, Casual, Hesitate


Snapshot: an informal photograph, especially one taken quickly by a hand-held camera.

Splay: to spread out, expand, or extend.

Casual: happening by chance; fortuitous: a casual meeting.

Hesitate: to be reluctant or wait to act because of fear, indecision, or disinclination.

Many of these words have multiple meanings. You are welcome to use any definition of the above words. I only included the most common to help inspire writers.



Place any fic that you'd like to submit in this category by April 1st!

Good luck to anyone who wishes to participate!  If this goes well, we'll continue doing this reguarly!

If you have any questions, please feel free to post in the Shoutbox and I'll update this post to clear up any confusion!

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